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  1. ez3putt

    Don't need my bell anymore.

    I just cough and a twelve foot swath immediately opens up in front of me. It is amazing that a pedestrian can't hear a bell from ten feet, but can hear a cough from thirty yards. JK, haven't ridden in over a week.
  2. ez3putt

    I will be getting one of these! Smart bike helmet.
  3. ez3putt

    A First For Me.

    As I was riding home from running a couple of errands on a segregated multi-use path that parallels a busy road, a red RAV4 turned on to a dead end road, stopped and completely blocked the path. The passenger door was ajar, but not wide enough to see who was inside. Needless to say, this...
  4. ez3putt

    My first functional test ride on my VeeGo 750

    One of the reasons I got the VeeGo 750 fatty was for hunting. My son and I hunt on 120 acres of private land in the nw GA hills and there is not a flat spot on the property. Yesterday I used the bike to set up my turkey blind. My last bike was about sixty years ago with one speed and no front...
  5. ez3putt

    Bringing home the Bike'N

    I picked up my black Ride Scoozy Veego 750 yesterday. When I arrived, it was fully assembled with a charged battery. The Scoozy rep went over the features and controls with me and after a test ride around the large and mostly empty parking lot, I loaded it on my carrier. I was really...
  6. ez3putt

    Howdy from Florida

    I am recently retired and have too much time on my hands. I am a hunter, angler, golfer, and glamper. Not necessarily in that order. In looking to replace my smaller four wheeler that was stolen this year, I became intrigued by e-bikes as an option. So much so that I ordered my wife a Goplus...