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  1. Cpt.Cream

    ebike batteries.... sorry

    this has likely been hashed before, but is it insane that i have priced out the equipment and the cells to make a 10cell 36v battery for only a hundred bucks more than buying a ready to go new one? this is inlcuding everything i can find that i might need to build the battery, i had some of the...
  2. Cpt.Cream

    Front derailleur on X-Treme Scooters "X-Treme X-Cursion"

    I'm not sure if my post disappeared because it had an external link to an image or if i somehow managed to delete it when editing something. the question is if anyone here has an idea for going with a 2x or 3x crankset on this bike, you can look it up because my pictures are too large to upload...
  3. Cpt.Cream

    any ideas on adding a front derailleur on this bike?

    recently got this ebike, my first. pretty happy with it not because of the components or anything (although i don't think i could match the bike and electronics at the same price building it by myself, and that wouldn't even count the folding frame) but because the frame has lots of room inside...