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  1. Contro_Killerz

    Speedy delimiters hype hassle or pure gains?

    What are people's experience with bike delimiting software or chips? My feeling is without engineering an electric motor and battery for higher speeds the existing platforms are designed around anticipated output and not much more. For example you can't put premium gas in a Hyundai and expect it...
  2. Contro_Killerz

    Removing a Shimano Steps E6000 right side crank.

    Hello! I am attempting to install an on bike charging port/battery mount on my E6000 equipped bike. The left non-drive side looks conventional. The drive side looks convenny until I lift the crank. Then there is a nut that must be removed to drop the motor cover. Motor cover needs to be removed...
  3. Contro_Killerz

    Shots from my Cannondale Contro-E

    Riding all day Sunday. Took these. While in the flats I used my legs. For climbing I used the assist feature. I was able to top off the battery at local stores. Thank you.
  4. Contro_Killerz

    Chain Replacement? Chain recommendations

    Finding out just how hard the mid-drive is on bike components. 525miles, 900km and already on my 3rd Zhiqui Chain Company Huang-juo in Shen Jen. Not to be confused with Shiqui chain of Xia'n in Luanjo. Lost count of how many sets of pads I've been through. I feel indebted to this forum as it's...
  5. Contro_Killerz

    Brake Recommendation?

    Can anyone suggest pads for a heavier rider with long steep descents? Are Disc Calipers easy to upgrade? Background: Deore hydraulic 160mm front discs. Bike and rider= 300lbs I commute across the SF Peninsula 14miles from Pacifica to South City. Steep descents reaching 40-50+mph. Currently...
  6. Contro_Killerz

    Greetings, from California and the Pacific Coast

    Hi all, I am so happy to find a legitimate ebike forum. I am Bill. I ride bikes as a form of both pleasure and transportation. I have primarily Cannondale bikes. I am switching from pure pedal power to pedal assist. Don't ask why but age and the need to arrive earlier have whittled away my...
  7. Contro_Killerz

    Raleigh Misceo Sport ci

    Hi all, I have been praising my Cannondale Contro-E. I would also like to take a minute and introduce my wife's Raleigh MISCEO SPORT ci. Is it wrong to share praise? Here? It's a great small frame STEPs machine. Though the frame is not as robust in appearance as the CANNONDALE CONTRO E it is...