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  1. rexel1

    CCX rear flat

    Hi the tube you can use without removing the wheel is called Gaadi. I’ve had one on my rear wheel for around 800 miles and it’s been fine. Highly recommend
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    Finally a rival of Juiced? Surface 604 Shred

    looks like the Galiano won’t now come with the GMAC motor. Not according to their updated website anyway
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    Anyone Ever Crunch a Squirrel?

    my advice is just slow down a fair bit,using bikes is supposed to be kinder to the use if you’re running over ever animal on your rides.
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    52V battery on CCS?

    Yes, that’s what I’ve noticed as well. Easy to adjust and just remember what 40% is in terms of the number (non bar) left
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    52V battery on CCS?

    Yes, easily done. I have a 48v and the 52v for my CCS.
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    Which Brooks Saddle?

    I’ve got a brooks B67 and a suntour ncx seatpost on my ccs. Ride quality is sublime
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Well here it is
  8. rexel1

    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Hi all What do we think the new juiced bike is going to be then? Like that colour for a start
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    Who's ebike riding could ALL be done on a regular bike?

    I used to commute daily around 25 miles on a standard bike, but it became too much after a few years. Got my first ebike a while back, which I then old for a juiced CCS (I’m in the UK so they’re not easy to get over here!) I started doing weekend rides on the CCS as well, pretty much all on...
  10. rexel1

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus a lot worse than stock Kenda tires!

    Can be used as a full replacement, not just a temporary measure. I’ve had one on the rear for 500 miles and all good. I’m based in the UK, so if no where in the US or Canada sells them then I can always send some over if people would like to try them
  11. rexel1

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus a lot worse than stock Kenda tires!

    Hi all. I keep reading that changing the rear inner tube is a pain on the CCS/CCX. Just do what I’ve done and use a gaadi tube. No need to take the wheel off with this
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    "Mega Transformation of the bicycle" says Brompton CEO

    I live on the edge of London and the electric bike has transformed my commute. Normally an hour door to door by train/tube and about the same with a non electric bike. On the CCS I can drop that time by 20 minutes
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    Super Commuter Version 1.1

    Is this bike only shipping to US and Canada? Any chance of Europe shipments?
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    Light weight eBikes review

    With these lightweight bikes the lower speed cut out actually makes more sense. The battery on these are typically are 250W and with a 20mph cut off they won’t last very long at all. The main point I’d say is that they are useful on any uphill section/ flat with headwinds and the rest of the...
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    Light weight eBikes review
  16. rexel1

    Light weight eBikes review

    Lightweight electric gravel bike you say? I give you this.... Has the fazua motor in it. 31lbs with the motor and battery. 25lbs with battery and motor removed
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    Haibike sDuro HardSeven 5.0 2019 Yamaha (delimited) vs QWIC MD11 PERFORMANCE 28MPH SPEED PEDELEC

    Have a look at oxygenbikes. Note the legality of derestricting bikes in the UK, but if you’re happy to ignore it then the Oxygen S-Cross MTB and the more road focused CB can be derestricted in about 10 seconds using the display.
  18. rexel1

    2019 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Maps

    Early morning (left at 5.30 am) ride around Essex. Road and Gravel on the CCS. Very tempted to get a CCX as the CCS in eco mode is too powerful on narrow paths.
  19. rexel1

    How many miles do you have on your ebike?

    I’m on my second bike. First one I did 1068 miles on, before selling as I found a very cheap CCS for sale. Second one (CCS) I’ve now also done 1068 miles on! I did laugh when I realised both were on exactly the same mileage. First bike I had for 1 year, the CCS has done the same mileage in 6...
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    10 speed drivetrain upgrade with derailleur clutch for CC, CCS

    Will be ordering that up soon I think