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  1. Summitbid

    How long can I expect my bike to last?

    I have a new Vado 4. I use it for commuting about 20 miles a day and some recreational riding. I rarely deplete the battery below about 30% before recharging. I expect to need to replace the battery at some point and I’ve been told it will cost about $900. 2 years, 3 years? What can I expect...
  2. Summitbid

    Vado security strategies

    I just picked up a new Vado 4 today. I have a folding U Lock but I understand that the existing battery key can be used with some lock (ABUS?) that can be coded or cored to use it. Also there are bosses on the rear triangle that I hear can be used to mount a lock that will prevent the rear...
  3. Summitbid

    Replace Vado rear rack replacement recommendation

    The Vado rack won’t work with my ortlieb QL3 bracket system and I may replace the stock rack. I’m concerned whether the rack is one of the rack supports and so removing it is problematic. Any ideas? Any rack recommendations given that the rear hub is 148 mm wide I think? Thanks.
  4. Summitbid

    Commuter, roadie and mtbiker considering an ebike next

    Hi everyone. I’m seriously considering purchsing a Vado. I have a few questions like, are there any concerns about the propriety nature of specialized? also what’s the difference between the Vado 1.2 motor and the 1.3 motor? I’ve been surfing the forum and haven’t found answers yet so...