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    MonteCapro brake upgrade

    I live in an area that has some very steep hills. The Tektro brakes that came on the bike worked fine for flats, but struggled on the hills. My first thought was just to replace the calipers with some Avid BB7 mtn. However this was a big fail. The bafang ebrake lever do not have long enough...
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    Do I really need motor cut brake levers?

    I replaced the brakes and rotors on my Bafang Max drive bike. However the Bafang levers do not have enough pull for my new Avid BB7 calipers. My idea was to get some proper Avid FR7 levers I know will work. So do I really need motor cuts outs? Or does anyone know who makes a proper mountain...
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    Road Rash Hurts LOL

    Had my first bike crash in years. Of course It's have been many years without a crash on a regular bike. I got my first lesson on respecting the added speed of an e-bike. Going to fast around a corner on wet leaf covered road = instant road rash :( My bike came out with only a scratch on the...
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    Group Buys?

    Anyone ever considered doing group buys? Many forums reach out to suppliers to arrange group buys to get volume discounts. I always loved participating in group buys on other forums. It's very similar to crowd funding campaigns, however there is no middle man to possibly scam you. All money...
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    Power assist factor?

    Can someone explain power assist factor? I see many ebike & motor manufactures throwing these numbers around, but I'm not sure what they mean. If some states a power assist factor of 1.15, what does that mean? Thanks!
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    Anyone from NC?

    I am having trouble finding out anything about ebikes in NC. Does anyone know what the rules are in NC in regards to ebikes. I live in Raleigh,NC and have never even seen an ebike here. The only ebikes I am aware of are the advertisements for ebike tours downtown. I live in a neighborhood on...