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  1. rexel1

    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Hi all What do we think the new juiced bike is going to be then? Like that colour for a start
  2. rexel1

    Longest rides

    Just wondering what everyone’s longest rides have been using their electric bikes. Mine was last weekend where I took out my CCS and a spare battery with it. 52v battery was fully charged and I got 66 miles out of it before swapping over to the 48v one (48v one was tucked up on the top of the...
  3. rexel1

    Dual batteries :-)

    Had my second battery delivered earlier in the week. Thanks David at Hilleater. So now I have a CCS with: 48v 19ah 52v 21ah Just need to work out a way to secure the 48v battery to the top of the rack and then I’m off on a few very very long rides. Can’t wait!
  4. rexel1

    CCS is tougher than me

    Had my first ‘off’ this morning. Patch of black ice down a country lane. Damage to the CCS: * the end part of the front mudguard stay (the little plastic bit that keeps the mudguard in place) * mirror glass broken (not technically part of the CCS!) Damage to me: * badly grazed upper right arm *...
  5. rexel1

    International shipping?

    I’m based in Europe, I’ve had a few conversations with Juiced Support about shipping here, but get different answers from their support depending on who has answered my query. Has anyone else ordered from in Europe?