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  1. jcanavera

    RadCity Owners Manual

    Folks there are multiple links out on the Rad website for the owners manual for the RadCity bike. This is the most current version (check the revision number on the last page 4.004. What I just got with my new bike is 4.002. 4.004 has a page specifically addressing battery balancing...
  2. jcanavera

    Torque Wrench Recommendation

    Looks like I probably need to add a torque wrench that will register in newton meters. I do have one that works in foot inches but obviously you can't get an exact torque setting in nm due to the conversion process. I'd like to find one without having my pocket picked, but I guess like...
  3. jcanavera

    RadCity delivery

    Just got 2 RadCity bikes delivered. Here is the state of the cartons with the bikes inside. Here’s bike 1.
  4. jcanavera

    Bike class restrictions

    I'm buying a Class 2 RadCity bike today and am wondering how you handle riding your Class 2 in out of state locales that restrict you to Class 1. For example from what I can see in my locale, local bike paths street riding with a Class 2 bikes is permissible. However while up in Michigan I...
  5. jcanavera

    Going to join the fold!

    My brother in law and I are going to be purchasing identical RadCity bikes today. He was camping and when packing up saw a fellow camper with two Rad's, who was a very happy owner. We figure with identical bikes and living a few miles from each other, we can assemble them together and trouble...
  6. jcanavera

    When you want to haul with your van

    So far I find it very interesting that the local bike shops here in the St. Louis metro area are clueless about what you can use to secure your bikes inside your van. They all seem to tell me that I need to cludge something up to keep the bikes stable. For those looking here is what I have...
  7. jcanavera

    Detour ie out of stock

    Called support today to ask when the Detour ie will be back in stock. The support person checked and said March 2020... Wow!