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  1. mrgold35

    RadRover 5 questions before I buy

    There wasn't a lot of affordable choices in fat tire bikes back in 2015/2016 when I started looking. Sondors, Rad, and Volt were my top choices at the time I was looking. Not too sure if I've would have gone with Rad Power Bikes now with so many choices today? I was really surprised on how...
  2. mrgold35

    Rad mini step thru seat post adjustment

    The fat tires do help with a smoother and softer ride depending on PSI. I would keep the PSI in the mid to upper teens for mostly off road/trail (smoother ride, larger contact patch, float over sand, tire flex over rock for more traction). I keep my rover at 20-23 PSI for smoother paved roads...
  3. mrgold35

    Rad mini step thru seat post adjustment

    I have an older Radrover and the standard 350mm seatpost was about inch too short for me (6'3"). Upgraded to a suspension seatpost (400mm Suntour SP12 and later Bodyfloat 420mm). Just that little bit extra length was perfect me. The suspension seatpost+Cloud 9 Cruiser seat was a noticable...
  4. mrgold35

    Topeak Bike racks for the Rad Rover- What works?

    I also have the Topeak Uni Super Tourist on my two 2016 Radrover with the quick track MTX DXP trunk bags. I had to add a little blue loctite to the screws the first few weeks after owning because they were working themselves out on trail riding. I ended up removing my rear floating fender...
  5. mrgold35

    Light Upgrade

    I started out with almost the identical light for my Radrover back in 2016. I wasn't able to get the 4 hours of run time with light and the light output was way lower than the advertised +10,000 lumens. What I also didn't like was the light would stop working when the power would get too low...
  6. mrgold35

    Rear Rotor ringing sound?

    Have you checked out the tension/torque of the spokes? I've had issues with the spokes being at various levels of torque. This might cause the ringing and brake rotor not to be true. I just got a spoke tool from Amazon and tighten the spokes by guess-i-mation to the same tension (some spokes...
  7. mrgold35

    Mini VS Rover

    I'm 6'3" and I had to add a 400mm adjustable seatpost, Cloud-9 cruiser seat, extra wide MTB pedals for my size 14 shoes, and adjustable stem to raise the handle bars for my two 16 Radrovers. It was a touch too short for me right out the box; but, the few bucks in upgrades allowed me to put...
  8. mrgold35

    New Rad Owner

    The standard tires can be very noisy at higher speeds on pavement. Handling can also feel a little wobbly on tight turns at high speeds. Both issues are from the small and spaced out knobs on the tires. Switching out my tires for Vee8 fixed both issues.
  9. mrgold35


    I'm still waiting for my flying car as promised in Back to the Future II.
  10. mrgold35

    Long term motor reliability?

    I come in at 280-300lbs depending on summer trail riding or full winter work commuting gear+backpack. I have two 16 Radrovers with the 750w rear hub geared motor. I have 3500 miles between each fat tire bike with about 70% work commuting and 30% trail riding. I have three 11.4ah battery packs...
  11. mrgold35


    Do you think folks were having fun like we are 100 years ago when the Wright brothers first took flight, when the Army Air Corp started in the 20s, or Air Force was started late 40s? The old adage at the time of; "if man was meant to fly, he would have wings!" was probably common as folks say...
  12. mrgold35

    New Radrover no go

    The wife and I have two 16 Radrovers (with +3500 miles on each) and 19 Radcity Step-thru. The Radrover rode and felt a lot better once I exchanged the tires for 26X4 Vee8. Much lighter tires that help in lighter steering, reduced noise levels (no killer bees sound), and better control on paved...
  13. mrgold35

    Shifting Gears on a Rad Mini?

    It really depends on how you ride/use your Rad power bike. I work commute on my 16 Rover in PAS 3 at the max 20-22 mph speed. I downshift to 2nd/3rd gear at a stop and may or may/not accelerate with throttle depending on how fast I need to accelerate to 20 mph. I've noticed I can cut my...
  14. mrgold35

    Hills and heavy loads

    I thought I saw Rad has a Fat tire step thru available? The geared rear hub for the fat tire bikes have twice the torque compared to the RadCity ebikes at 80 nm. My 2016 Radrover moves pretty good up hills at my weight of +290 lbs (me+rack bags+commuter backpack+tools for flats).
  15. mrgold35

    Time to buy new tires for my Rad Rover

    The fatter tires would be sweet in the sand. I have a few sand traps I have to negotiate when I ride near the river. Keeping the front wheel straight and hand on the throttle for full 750w bursts is the only way to plow through extremely dry and loose sand traps. The 4.8" tires at a low PSI...
  16. mrgold35

    New (to me) 2018 Radmini owner, no flats tire setup & shifter upgrade.

    I've been using Stans+Mr. Tuffy liners since 2016 with my two Radrovers in the southwest (ABQ, NM). It is between tumble weeds and goats heads as the un-official state plant out here. I usually have 5-20 goatheads between both tires daily with my 15 mile round-trip bike work commute. I have to...
  17. mrgold35

    new owner and question about our bike display of battery power left

    Wind and wet/icy roads are my limits. Anything over 20 mph headwind with gust +25 mph results in my range being reduces by 25%-40%. That is why I leave a battery charger at work because I ran out of juice "once" a mile from home on my 15 mile round-trip commute on a +20 mph headwind day.
  18. mrgold35

    new owner and question about our bike display of battery power left

    I can be up to 330-340 lbs in winter bike commuting with layered cold weather gear, commuter back pack, bar mitts, lunch/water, work clothes, fix a flat tools/tube, etc... Does the pre-set wattage per PAS level on the LCD screen also drop when the battery gets below 50% charge? The wattage...
  19. mrgold35

    new owner and question about our bike display of battery power left

    I don't ride the wife's new Radcity with the newer 14 ah battery (ebike is too small for me); but, I've noticed I don't feel any drop in power delivery with my older 11.4ah Radrovers as battery power levels drop from 100%-20%. Maybe, the drop isn't enough for me to feel with the old butt dyno...
  20. mrgold35

    new owner and question about our bike display of battery power left

    I have two 2016 Radrovers and 2019 Radcity Step-thur. I've noticed the LCD battery indicator is doing double-duty: - When stationary, it shows the battery current power in 20% blocks. Won't dip down to the next block until +21% is depleted. - When riding, shows how much power is utilized when...