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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    IMO nice looking machine similar functional specs to other Juiced bikes. I doubt the ergo's support efficient and comfortable pedaling.
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    Occasional clunking on RipCurrent - Bottom bracket?

    I have had this issue since delivery. Tried new pedals not! What kind of bottom bracket it? Sealed cartridge? Is it rebuild-able? Has anyone fixed this issue via bottom bracket repair of some sort?
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    Turn Signal and Climbing Questions

    The bike is not 125lbs ( Product Weight 44 lbs per mfg web site). On hills a 250 watt motor will only help the rider to do the work. The rider will do most of the work on steep grades. IMO After buying a different bad azz bike and seeing all the different metrics. This bike might be just perfect...
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    CCX Range experiment

    2.2 volts drop 22 miles set top speed to 15 mph and limited wattage to level 1 under advanced setting. That's 10 miles for volt. All speed above 15 mph display indicated minimal 6-10 watt draw. Ridden with these setting and enormous range maybe attained.
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    CCX "teething pain"

    New pedals did not remedy the crank noise. Interesting if i pedal backwards and then again forward the sound goes away for a few moments, but comes back shortly. That tells me crank issue. Will take to shop after extended break in
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    Crosscurrent x Ebike

    class 3 if you pedal no help assist after 28 mph unless you put it in Race mode. I find it easy to attain > 30 mph These jurisdictions don't want >20 mph on throttle alone
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    CCX "teething pain"

    the bolt issue setup aside, the fender wasn't to bad takes small incremental bending to get the fender to center. it's done now anyway
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    Latest mirror advice?

    Helmet for me, it's always in my field of view and can see various areas by changing head position
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    CCX "teething pain"

    Installing Front Fender: bought slightly longer bolt and use secondary nut behind headlight yoke to tighten bolt without twisting more conveniently Rear Rack Centering: did some minor bending off the bike to get the rack to center over rear wheel acceptably Crank clicking: both cheap Wellgo K79...