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    last mile solution options?

    do you guys think that ebikes are good last mile solutions to the daily commute? since the job is willing to pay for transportation subsidy, i've been inclined to use the metro to get to work... as opposed to my 5mile bike ride, i'll have a 1 mile congested bus ride to the metro stop... 1 mile...
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    any thoughts on velogical?

    just saw this recently and looks interesting~
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    hmm... i guess the joke's on me?

    just picked up the replacement ebike today and boy am i disappointed. as opposed to the bike mentioned on their website with 350w and 48v battery, they sent me the 2012 version with 250w and 24v battery.... contacting the reseller and hopefully we can resolve this issue.... how would you guys...
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    are the curry batteries interchangeable?

    my path+ was stolen recently so i'm back in the market for a new e-bike but, i still have the 48v izip battery, so i was thinking maybe getting another curry tech that uses the same battery might be a good idea? anyone knows if these are interchangeable?
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    back in the market for an ebike...

    back in the market for an ebike since my path+ was stolen :( ideally i'd wait for the shareroller to get on the market since i do belong to the bikeshare program in dc... but in the meanwhile, looking for something that will tie me over until those are market ready... been considering the...
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    DMV sound off...

    following up on the other thread regarding regional forums.... decided to start a thread here for folks living around the DC/Maryland/Virginia area so maybe we can ride together, help each other out, dealer/mechanics recommendations etc... i'll start... i'm Art, live and work in dc, currently...
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    where's the serial number on the path+?

    trying to register my path+ with curry tech in order to get some warranty service (found out that my shifter is not clicking right, so i only have 5 working gears instead of 8) but can't seem to find the serial number... any pointers?
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    regional forums?

    have we thought about having regional threads/forums? just thought it might be nice for folks to have a place to ask questions specific to the region? like lbs reviews, etc?
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    accessories for path+?

    looking for a few accessories to make the path+ more work commute friendly.... any tips? 1. front basket... (i know, not very sporty, but need it to be more practical) 2. rear panniers... i've read that the rack is a bit wider than standard racks? any panniers that fits without...
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    DC newbie question

    Hi all, been reading reviews and trying to learn about ebikes because i'm hoping to purchase one for my work commute here in washington dc. i've been on the bikeshare system for a few years but my new work location is just hilly far enough to get me too sweaty for the office. with that said...
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    8fun and flykly?

    since the flykly wheel can only work on one speeds right now, would it be possible to mate it to a one speed with a 8fun mid drive and use the 8 fun throttle to drive it?
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    i wonder what would happen if...

    the evelo omni was added as the front wheel to a flykly or copenhagen wheel bike.... any thoughts?