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    Emazing Review

    Update, January 2016. Battery replaced under warranty- probably good except for an internal loose wire. Still like the bike a lot, use it a lot, though not in electric mode all that much, need the exercise!
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    Drop-bars on Emazing Artemis

    Dude 222, Most interesting post. The "new" Artemis, is obviously geared very differently. Mine chugs up hills really well, with my 185 pounds, in first or second gear, but does very little in the electric department above 10 MPH, or a little more at power level 4. I can't claim the hills in...
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    Emazing Review

    Emazing Artemis Bicycle These comments are based on one month of ownership of this bicycle. In the search for an electric bicycle I wanted one that would be primarily a bike, with some assist. I didn’t want an “electric bike that can be pedaled” . So, it should have a weight that is...