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    To "Juice" or not ?

    Really like the CCX. Lots of functionality at a reasonable price. A variety of colors and they have been around a bit longer than most on-line e-Bike companies..... BUT Straps to hold on the battery; swapping out the controller; saran wrap to keep the battery dry; misaligned/broken battery...
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    Experience buying direct - i.e. no dealer - good or bad, support, etc.

    Thinking of buying the Redux or (iZip) Moda, same bike. There is no local dealer so they will ship it directly to me but I am on my own for assembly, adjustments and maybe warranty support. I should have no problem with the assembly, but have concerns IF I needed subsequent support from them...
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    iZip Moda vs. Surface 604 Rook

    I like the Surface 604 products a lot, BUT they are out of production for a couple of months while they xfer manufacturing to another country. With essentially no product they are effectively out of business for a while and I am concerned about their future. For a planned "pause" like this, you...