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    Fat tire fender extenders

    I have the 20 inch folding 48 volt fat tire model from Ecotric. I am trying to find extenders for the rear or front fenders. They just aren't long enough to stop to mud and water from spashing on me. I am not taking it thru puddles be when I get in wet grass I get slop spots all over the bike...
  2. J

    Maxed out on PAS 3

    I got my XP a few days ago, this is my 2nd ebike. My first is the Ecotric 48V folding 20 inch. As close to an apples to apples comparison as I can get. This XP wants to run at 10 or 11 miles per hour and then PAS 4 and 5 do nothing. PAS 3 is top speed? I want its power spread out all the way to...