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  1. Commuter101

    2016 Radrover just stopped after 4 miles??

    Got my 2016 last week, waited a week to ensure all mechanical components were working good. Took the maiden voyage this weekend and it zonked out in 4 miles. The battery won't turn on, let alone hitting 'mode' to turn on. I did notice however the controller was warm to the touch when it stopped...
  2. Commuter101

    Question for the Felt Lebowske owners

    What speed are you seeing per PAS level, their website does not post that info. Also what kind of terrain are you riding on to achieve those speeds. I am assuming, most who purchased this bike, did so for dirt trail riding. Thanks.
  3. Commuter101

    Hello from DC

    Hi all, new to the e-bike world, looking for a long distance daily commuter. Still deciding on which brand and type of bike to commit to. I currently ride my road bike to work and back, 40 mile round trip. I figure in purchasing an e-bike I would get a couple days off with a little e-assistance...