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    Suggestion for scrape repair?

    Looks like they don't use work stands for e-bikes in China. Mine was shipped with similar damage. I asked the seller to supply touch up paint. You might do the same.
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    $19.00 repair stand

    Those plastic hooks look pretty flimsy. I think I would use a bike trainer stand instead.
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    Folding E-Bike Work Stand

    I've read several reviews on Amazon and there seems to be a mixed bag of opinions whether any stand is strong enough for a 52lb bike. I suppose it can be mounted with one wheel on the ground but would prefer something designed for this configuration of folding bike.
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    Looking for info on E-Glide

    I bought the E-Glide SF and after two weeks I really like the simplicity of the bike. It has a full suspension which makes for a much mor comfortable ride. I bought it to put on my sailboat so the 41 lb weight was a big reason for me. The 350W motor is sufficient to pull me along nicely...
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    Why e-Joe?

    I purchased a 2018 E-Joe Epic SE. Love the 500W motor. Like the throttle placement, the twist shifter, and tall seat post. Nice looking bike with good power and customer service so far helpful. I have to say there were some issues that are covered under warranty that probably occurred during...
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    Folding E-Bike Work Stand

    I have E-Glide SF and an E-Joe Epic SE. The battery is enclosed in the center "tube" which is about 2"x5", much larger than the average bike stand can handle. The heaviest bike is 52lbs and the seat post is far from CG. Anyone have expierence with work stands for these folding e-bikes?
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    Folding e-bike for taller rider

    Thank you ebikemom. The Pedego looks higher quality and it fits in the 50ish lb size I am looking for. Plus,it has a long seat post at 580mm that would work for a taller rider. The only issue is at $2,595 it looks a bit more that my < $2,000 budget.
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    Folding e-bike for taller rider

    Thanks for the thoughts, My budget under $2K. E-bike because most coastal towns are hilly and I'm 65. There are hills where I live so I could get back to bike riding in my neighborhood.
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    Folding e-bike for taller rider

    Thanks, looks like a nice bike but a little heavy at 63.7lbs. Also, fat tires look like they would take more space. Looking at E-glide SF, Blix Vika+ but like the color choices and weather resistance of the Enzo. Since they would be frequently moved from below deck when used on the boat, a...
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    Folding e-bike for taller rider

    Hello and great site. I am 6'1" 190lbs with a 32inch inseam pant leg. I'm looking for a folding e-bike that I can store on my sailboat. I like the 20" wheels for their compact folded profile. Given my leg length, I am trying to figure out which bike will fit me best. What dimension do I...