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    iZip Moda E3 First Ride Report & Updates

    Rick: Just curious why not just replacing the chain would have fixed the problem. Sound like a loose chain or stretched out (worn??) chain. I haven't experienced any chain issues so far. I like my Moda a lot but not as many miles yet as yours.
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    Moda rack bag recommendations

    I use a Roswheel Bike bag that attaches to the seat stem. The thought was for a water bottle, cell, and a tool or two. However, the seat stem is not high enough for it to sit properly. I would not recommend this bag or a bag attaching to the seat stem. And it is certainly too small for your...
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    Raleigh Redux IE 2018- my review

    What is the best way to clean and oil chain? What oil do you use? Does this involve removing and soaking chain or just wiping down, etc?
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    iZip Moda E3 First Ride Report & Updates

    You certainly put the bike thru its paces - speed, hills, elevation, etc.. I would have expected/hoped for more miles based on my limited experience with the bike. With your extensive experience on other e-bikes, what are your thoughts on the mileage for this ride? Appreciated your report...
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    iZip Moda E3 First Ride Report & Updates

    Glad you like the bike. A month ago I nearly went with the CCX also but chose the Moda due to the lingering CCX battery issues. The Moda seems 'bullet-proof' and I like the fine detail and workmanship like the nearly invisible, welds. My area is very hilly and the Brose has no problems. I am...
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    $2.5k Cool Looking MTB w/FRAME INTEGRATED BATTERY for Big Hill Climbing

    I would second the E3 Moda. I have had mine for a month now and I live in a hilly area. Hills are not a problem and the motor is very quiet. The range of gears works well and I seldom use the top level assist despite the hilly terrain. My only "disappointment" is the lack of a range indicator...
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    I need a reliable e-bike

    Alaskan: Intrigued that you measure the chain stretch to the .5% level. Just curious as to how you do this? Good point on maintenance, however.
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    Minimum saddle height

    EdC; Try this 1. The proper saddle height is when your heel is firmly against the downmost pedal and your leg straight. 2. At this saddle height, the saddle stem should be inside the downtube by a minimum amount. In other words, you don't want the saddle stem to be at the tippy top of the...
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    what do I need?

    I tried the Quick-e and it is a very nice bike. Try also the iZip Moda. Similar profile and on sale for about $2,300. The Raleigh Redux is the same bike for a little more $.
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    Brose display; BLOKS; 2019 switch to Bosch?

    The procedure to display the software version is: With the bike on; 1. briefly press (less than 2 seconds) the On/Of button. This will switch the display unit off. 2. Press and hold (for longer than 5 seconds) the on-off button. This will display the software version number. As I mentioned my...
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    Brose display; BLOKS; 2019 switch to Bosch?

    The procedure was in the Brose book that came with the bike and it mentioned the range estimate as a displayed item as well. I will post the procedure for you later this evening when I get home on how to check the ver. #. When I was l looking for a bike I visited a LBS who sold Bosch bikes and...
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    Brose display; BLOKS; 2019 switch to Bosch?

    I am hoping it may be available as a software update. Going to inquire with iZip during the week. My current software ver. 5.321 so we will see. Unfortunately, they usually only do these updates thru 'authorized' resellers, so I might be screwed as none are within hundreds of miles. However, so...
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    Brose display; BLOKS; 2019 switch to Bosch?

    Carterk: I have the iZip Moda (same bike as Redux - different color). On the display, do you get any information on range estimates? Before I purchased it I was told it did show a range estimate (and the Brose manual that came with the bike indicates a range estimate as well as an effort...
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    Jom: Just curious why you changed out the stem?
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    Latest mirror advice?

    Just purchased the Mirrycle MTB Bar End mirror ( mounts on end of handlebar ). Works well, is adjustable and the convexing of the mirror works well to view items in the rear. See link below. Many others here have also recommended this mirror. Good luck with your new CCS. The end of my grip had...
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    Redux vs Vado 3.0

    Congratulations. I was also looking at the Redux but opted for the Moda. No LBS for either, but I chose the Moda due to its' color vs. the Redux. Good luck with it. Jealous that you have an LBS for support, however.
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    Interesting perspective on the USB port since most bike companies tout that they have one. In any event, I am down to considering the Juiced CCX and the iZip Moda (Raleigh Redeux) step thru. My big reservation about the CCX is the step over height of 29 inches for the smallest (medium) CCX...
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    So the CCX (and CCS I believe) does not have a USB port. Tora's corporate philosophy is not to have them due to adverse electrical issues which he has explained. Does going without a USB port an issue for you and does it affect your use of the bike, for example, navigation apps on a cell...
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    SirJonathan: Please keep us posted as to what you find when you take the battery off. How long have you had the bike? CCX? How do you like it?
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    I have heard that the 'fix' for the battery connection problem (shorting, degradation of the connection that some have fixed with straps) is that Juiced fixed this with a replacement battery since the 'connection' failure was with the battery connection. Is this true? If so kudos to Juiced.