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  1. KidWok

    Tannus Armour

    Hey all, All the flat tires I've had so far have been on the rear tire. I suspect that is due to the weight of the motor and cargo on the rear rack making it easier for sharp debris to cut through the tire tread and penetrate the casing. A couple of years ago, I tried using Slime tubes and...
  2. KidWok

    ST1 Replacement Bottom Bracket/Crankset alternative

    Hey all, My ST1 Limited Edition is coming up on 9k miles as I also am nearing my three year anniversary with it. Did about 4k miles in year one, but got and sold a GoCycle G3 in year two and got a Tern GSD last year that have brought my annual mileage on the ST1 down a bit. I have been...
  3. KidWok

    Cracked Torque Sensor plate on ST1

    I had a flat tire a couple weeks ago on my ST1 and it happened to be across the street from a auto repair place. I used their 19mm wrench and air to change my flat tire. As I was tightening the nut back on, I heard a crack. Figured it was just those locking washers seating with each other but...
  4. KidWok

    Dahon Qix D8 + Swytch

    Hey all! I'm really excited to build up a Dahon Qix D8 with the yet-to-be-released Swytch system. I have the Dahon being delivered next week and the Swytch likely won't be delivered until late this year. I previously had a GoCycle G3 that didn't quite meet my ideal for a folding e-bike. Am...
  5. KidWok

    Mud flaps

    Got my ST1 LE 19 months ago and have put on 6k miles so far. Last year was the wettest year on record in Seattle for quite some time. It was pretty obvious that the fenders wouldn't be long enough so I added mud flaps, as I have many times before on road and commuter bikes. I quickly...
  6. KidWok

    Ikea Sladda trailer for ST1

    FYI...The Sladda trailer at Ikea is $130 and will work with the ST1 rear axle with just a slight bit of filing to make the hole in the hitch bigger. I just took an old love seat to the dump today with it. Got a lot of laughs as it looked like I was pulling a rickshaw. Tai
  7. KidWok

    ST1 rain-commuter hacks

    Made a couple of changes to my ST1 limited edition for commuting here in rainy Seattle. Added mud flaps but found that the velocity of the water caused it to become atomized spray when it hit the mudflap. Added a vertical series of string (chalk line) to catch and wick the water down. Much...
  8. KidWok

    Gocycle G3 user review

    I got lucky a couple weeks ago and found the latest generation Gocycle G3 on local craigslist for well below the MSRP. The seller had won the item as a raffle prize, but had no interest in keeping it. I had heavily researched the Gocycle G2 when I was buying my Stromer ST1 limited edition and...
  9. KidWok

    DIY Chain guide

    I've had the chain fall off a few times and was looking for some sort of chain-guide solution. Ended up just making one myself out of some thick steel wire salvaged from a collapsible laundry basket, old inner tube, and a heavy duty zip-tie. I bent the steel wire to the shape I wanted, wrapped...
  10. KidWok

    Maxxis Gypsy 26 x 2.1 e-bike tire?

    I was doing some research for replacement tires and found that Maxxis makes the Gypsy model in 2.1 width and rated for high speed e-bikes, which would make it a suitable replacement for my Big Bens when the time comes. It's nominally less expensive. Does anyone have any experience with this...