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  1. Tom899

    RadCity Step-Thru - Pedal Assist not working

    My brother has a RadCity Step-thru, new this year with very low miles and just like new. The pedal assist has stopped working, the throttle still works. When it first started happening, shutting it down and back on would sometimes fix it for a short while, pulling the battery sometimes fixed it...
  2. Tom899

    Cannot get a hold of Falco??

    Has anyone else had trouble contacting Falco? I need help with diagnosing a console issue. I've emailed, called, and left a message with Rakesh. But nothing! No callback, email reply or anything. Not sure how to get a hold of them for service? I have an ICE trike with a Falco system. My console...
  3. Tom899

    Pic's of my new RadMini!

    Hi everyone, I received my RadMini a couple weeks ago but finally got the fenders so the bike is now complete, at least for now... I added a BodyFloat seat post, Garmin Explore 1000 GPS, Dinotte lights, Spank Oozy Trail Platform Pedals, Zydek cargo bag, Mountain Mirrycle Mirrors, Kenda Sunlite...
  4. Tom899

    Mini - Cable at rear axle

    I just got my Mini a couple days ago. I pulled back the dust boot on the rear axle and the cable doesn’t seem or look right? It looks as though it’s been cut or frayed and a spring type material is exposed? Does this look normal? Can a few of you please check yours? Thanks, Tom
  5. Tom899

    RadMini tire selection

    I'll be riding 95% of the time on pavement and blacktop bike paths. Should I be looking at other tires?
  6. Tom899

    Black or White

    I'm within five days of ordering a Mini. I thought for sure I wanted black, but now wondering if I should get white? Please help!!
  7. Tom899

    RadMini cadence speed @ 20mph

    Anyone know what the cadence speed is in high gear at 20 mph On the RadMini? Thanks, Tom
  8. Tom899

    RadMini rear rack dimensions

    Can someone be so kind to measure the rear rack platform/footprint dimensions. I would like to know what size bags/trunks will fit. Thanks! Tom
  9. Tom899

    Rad Mini an Upright?

    I was looking at Brooks seats for the Rad Mini which I don't have yet. (debating between between the Mini or Mariner but leaning toward the Mini). I'm 65 years old and usually ride an ICE electric trike. I want the Mini for it's folding capability. Seat and back comfort is important. I'm...