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    Nevo GH Vario 2019 - which rear bag to choose for MiK system?

    Hello fellow Riese Muller owners! I need to buy a rear bag for my Nevo, I see it has MiK system. Which rear bags are you using that fits with MiK or which one would you recommend?
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    Question on Nevo GH vario 2019 dimensions

    Hi, Silly question, but couldn't find answer anywhere. What is the total width of the handlebars in cm on a Nevo GH vario 2019? I live on 5th floor and need to check before buying if it would fit through my elevator doors, which is only 65 cm in width :) Thanks!
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    Cruiser with gates belt drive

    Hi! Looking to buy my first e bike. Want an e bike with cruiser type handles where you ride with a straight back. Would like to buy one with Gates belt drive and Bosch Performance Line CX. Will be riding in city and outside - up to 100 km per day. I'm 182 cm, 75 kg. So far 2 bikes caught my...
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    Best touring e bike options that have Gates Belt drive system

    Hi! I'm looking for a comfortable touring e bike (that can go 100 km with a single charge) that has Gates Belt drive system. I hate maintenance and would love to limit it. Looks like Riese Muller Supercharger would be the best for this, but it's a bit too expensive for me. Any suggestions...
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    Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Advance 2019 insights?

    Hello! I'm new here. Does anyone own Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Advance 2019 yet? I'm thinking of buying it. What can you say about this e-bike? If no one here owns it, maybe experts can provide some insights of pros and cons of it? I was not able to find any review of it online. It's gonna be...