1. P

    Lightest ebike Kit. Indiegogo campain.

    Seems that a good campain on indiegogo is coming. It seems to be a good alternative to bafang motors. I am definitely going to buy this campain. You can check the info in the link. There are four different power systems, 250W-500W-750W and 1000W( I will probably go for this one :cool:) -The...
  2. LuckyLeg


    Sold, please delete post.
  3. net200777

    Help please choosing

    I've been studying bikes for some time the past two years. I was one of those ones that scoffed at spending even a couple of thousand on electric bike let alone a normal bike. These days I've come to appreciate quality but also knowing how to make a dollar stretch even still. I'm torn in...
  4. roshan

    1000W Torque sensored ebikes

    I'm proud to announce Biktrix's latest offering! 1000W nominal 1500W peak - torque assist bikes! Not pre-order, shipping now! Check them out here: https://www.biktrix.com/collections/bikes/products/juggernaut-mx?variant=44216265557