1. Mike AbiEzzi

    Fat bike - climb 2k ft elevation over 6 miles at high speed

    Hi, I'm looking for a fat bike that can maintain a high speed on a steep climb. Ideally I would like a 28mph bike or be able to unlock a motor so that I can reach that speed. I've never ridden an electric bike up hill, so I'm not sure how possible this is. Can a motor and battery power a bike...
  2. midwatcha

    STROMER ST1 Limited Edition Saves >$2,000/year

    My STROMER ST1 LIMITED EDITION that I got exactly 1 year & 3000 miles ago. @$3/gallon for gas & average of 25 MPG...that's a gas savings of ~$360/year or a dollar a day. Look @ it this way too, for the 188 days I rode my bike to work last year, I saved 188 hrs. A typical work-week is 40 hrs...
  3. Tora Harris

    Throttle or no Throttle? The Solution: Adapt!

    The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent is a Class 3 e-bike that takes advantage of the new CA law which allows electric assisted boost up to 28mph if the throttle is NOT used. I don't think people yet understand how ridiculously awesome that new law is for e-bikes in the USA...