1. E

    Aventure Rear Rack Alternatives, and Security

    I just ordered a pair of Aventures for my wife and I. She got the small, and they are sold out of the rear racks for that size. I'm wondering if I can just order a third party rear rack? Is there a size spec I should keep in mind? Clearly they are sized for the bike frame, so I would want to...
  2. tolivercrash

    Has anyone added a front rack to an Aventon Level?

    I have owned and ridden the hell out of a RadMini from RadPowerBikes for two years and over 3,300 miles. However I’m looking at a more standard sized bike such as the Aventon Level to replace the Rad. One useful thing the RadMini has is a front rack from the manufacturer. I don’t see anything...
  3. S_Cunningham

    Riese & Muller Accessories

    I recently purchased a 2020 R & M Multicharger from my LBS here in Vancouver Canada (not direct from factory but already built and in store) and am now trying to comprehend if there is any possible way I can purchase accessories? I've been told it's almost impossible, with shortages, shipping...
  4. l3n

    Kope On the way!

    Just ordered a Kope with two batteries, my first eBike. Really pumped up for it to arrive. I live in Philly and will be using it mostly for commuting, but will look to do some longer leisure rides. While I sit here and wait for delivery in late Nov, I am already thinking about ways to trick...
  5. David Berry

    Handlebar Bags : Experiences & Recommendations

    I suspect that I am not the only forum member with an n+1 approach to handlebar bags. There'll always be an excuse for a new one! Only yesterday I tried out a new handlebar bag – the sixth in my collection. Perhaps, it is time to seek counselling or even give it. Here are some favourite makes...
  6. O

    STROMER Accessories, Alteration to Specs, Configuration etc.

    I'm looking for ANY info on types of: configurations; accessories; and, alterations you've made to your STROMER. These changes to your store bought model can be for ANY MODEL STROMER as I'm equally interested in the idea:) For example What is your configuration (panniers, reflectors, water...
  7. Barkme Wolf

    My Accessory Video

  8. J

    bike locks, what's the pick?(ha)

    So you guys have got a stack of expensive bikes. What's the pick(sic) of locks? Chains are too big and heavy, can be cut anyway. U bike locks can be cut with bolt cutters or portable angle grinders. Disc brake locks( America, bought one) seem like a good idea, but I've read the keyways are not...
  9. Barkme Wolf

    Summer Daily Ride Setup Video

  10. Airwheel2016

    Now, Airwheel has lots of ebike Parts and Accessories

    These accessories can add great pleasure to the enjoyment of riding. Today, we choose three most frequently used accessories of Airwheel electric mobility scooter. With these Airwheel accessories, the riding experience will become more and more comfortable and safer. The first is the dedicated...
  11. Christopher

    2017 Latest and Greatest eBike Smartphone Mounts?

    What is the best bicycle smartphone mounts on the market today? Or if you know of any new bicycle smartphone mounts coming out in 2017? I have been hearing a lot about magnetic mounts for autos lately, and wasn't sure if this technology may be the next trend in bicycle mounts for smartphones...
  12. A

    Hub-less E-Bike, Really!

    Hello, Everyone, I am wondering whether anyone has experience with the hub-less electric bicycle shown in the link below. Thank you for your input. Al Canada
  13. M

    Alternatives to basket?

    Hey I am wondering what a good alternative to having a basket/bag hanging off the back of the bike is. I just don't like the way it looks and because I will be riding the bike on mountain bike trails I am worried about it staying on the back. What I would like to know is if there is an...
  14. Kaldeem

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