1. C

    the Add-e from Austria

    Does anyone have experience with the Add-e from Austria? In the DYI Bike Kit category, it seems like a game changer. But is the 600 Watt durable for long distance rides (30-50 miles) and ascents up to 2000 feet? It the 600 watt as noisy as the 250 watt. What is the Add-e's biggest issue...
  2. Tara D.

    Add-E 600W Ebike Kit Video Review

    I love the stealth of this bike but it is disappointingly loud. Seems like it took quite a lot of work to get this kit installed on this bike, hopefully no one runs into that problem but if they do I hope they make some fun videos of their install!
  3. Tara D.

    Add-E 250W Kit

    Another friction drive option here. I like how the cap twists to add power at 50 watt increments up to 250 making it legal internationally.