1. Virginia Block

    Huge Stromer ST1X Sale - $2000 CAD off - High Tech & High Speed Pedelec

    Amego bought out all remaining 2019 Stromer ST1X bikes. They are the newest model with the Omni C colour display, new 48V17ah gold battery, and the upgraded horn, lights, and brakes, that make them a certified motorcycle in Europe. Available in Sports 17" and 20" in three colours: Charcoal...
  2. Amego Electric Vehicles

    Ebike Assembly Tips & More

    For new e-bike riders, take a look at these videos: ... 2OkaI9-UHt (Playlist) (Taking an e-bike out of its box) (Some items that come with e-bikes) (How to install handlebars) (How to install pedals) (Adjusting your saddle - seat height)...