aventon level

  1. VELOcit3

    Aventon Level 500w Upgrade to 1000W or Higher?

    Hello community! I am about to purchase an Aventon Level after months of research on the best bike for the price. I have a perhaps silly question, but could I swap the 500W stock for a higher grade, say 1000W or even higher? That being said, will the bike frame, motor etc be able to handle...
  2. tolivercrash

    Has anyone added a front rack to an Aventon Level?

    I have owned and ridden the hell out of a RadMini from RadPowerBikes for two years and over 3,300 miles. However I’m looking at a more standard sized bike such as the Aventon Level to replace the Rad. One useful thing the RadMini has is a front rack from the manufacturer. I don’t see anything...
  3. J

    Help me choose (PLEASE) between a Aventon Pace 500, Level, Ride1Up 500, 700, LMTD

    New member here everyone, looking for some help. By going through all the threads, it seems that a lot of people are pretty well versed on these bikes so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm 40, in pretty good shape, ride a non-motorized city hybrid today and looking for a good...