bafang ultra

  1. D

    Cassette durability! Convert to SRAM EX1? Try Rohloff E14, Nuvinci n360?

    Hey all, I ride a bafang ultra based ebike. I keep going through cassettes, at a rate of about 1 cassette every 200-300 miles. I really only have problems with the bottom 11T ring, as I often do stretches at 35-40MPH with the motor cranking at 1500W. The small number of teeth (I think) get...
  2. Ravi Kempaiah

    Super Commuter Version 1.1

    The start-up company team has been testing some prototype bikes that are well thought-out and extremely capable. The first prototype is aimed at producing very capable, low-maintenance commuter. The picture shows a bike with Gates+Rohloff combo but wheels, brakes, tires are not what we want it...
  3. roshan

    The Ultimate Ultra 1000 yet

    We've been sold out of the Ultra 1000 for about 4 months now. So we went back to the design table and tweaked a few things. The 2019 Ultra 1000s have several improvements over 2018 versions. A few improvements: 1.5" better ground clearance, 1x11 SRAM Gx transmission, hydraulic brakes, two...
  4. Joe

    Volton Campaign is Live. 3 new bikes and new Alation models on discount.

    Volton's Better eBike Campaign Two new eMTB models available with Max and Ultra power platforms 29 pound, folding ebike with 5 level pedal assist and thumb throttle Alation and Alation ST with torque activated pedal assist and up to 48v16.5ah battery We are also finalizing a third M600...
  5. roshan

    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    Check this out folks: