1. P

    Felt Cruiser Build - Help appreciated

    Hi, I'm picking up a new bike today that I'm planning to turn into an Ebike in the next few weeks. It's a Felt Nebula Cruiser 3-speed. I've included a picture of the bike and a link below to some of the spec. This will be my first conversion and I'm brand new to this so I'm interested to hear...
  2. pushkar

    Watt Wagons Labs! 3000 - 5000W Ultra!

    This isnt going to get a lot of press but I wanted to share that we have launched Watt Wagons labs ( The goal is to push the boundaries of performance and be transparent about what you get with the products. To that end, we are launching 1. Bafang Ultra...
  3. R

    Kit for 24" E-MTB

    Hey folks, I’m new and just accidently posted this same thread in Rules and Etiquette, sorry! I’ve had a couple ebikes and they don’t really ever feel comfortable (I’m 5’7). Current bike is 2018 RadCity 16” so it’s pretty good fit but I just don’t like the geometry. Recently, I saw the Zooz BMX...
  4. scrambler

    Has anyone heard of, seen or bought the Steinerdesign Ultra E Fully bike?

    I came across a bike called Steiner Ultra E bike online on two different sites below Apparently both...
  5. Valerio

    Pedal assist sensor in Bafang mid drive

    Hello everyone, I have a silly question: is the pedal assist sensor integrated inside bafang mid drives? I’m considering getting a bafang after 3 years using a 1000 W rear hub and im a bit tired of pedaling so hard when the battery dies... I have seen a few videos and they all seem to require...
  6. joowaa

    [SOLVED] Bafang BBS02 : crackling noise when pedaling : any idea why ?

    Solved on July 10th : as WilliamT suggested, it was most likely caused by the motor mounting bracket rubbing against the chassis, due to the mounting nut being slightly loose, or the motor having slightly dropped since first install. At least I reckon. In any case, if you hear the same noise...
  7. B

    Bafang 750 Watt, Integrated Wheel, Rear Hub Fat Bike Motor

    I'm new to ebikes and took my first plunge with a retro beach cruiser 20 inch fat bike, the Addmotor Motan M-70. I am enjoying this bike for all it's worth, but am frustrated at not reaching advertised performance of 28+ mph. I'd also like to extend battery life, or open to possibly travelling...
  8. D

    Error 48, Bafang 500w rear hub / c600e controller HELP PLZ!

    My bike shows an Error 48, Bafang 500w rear hub / c600e controller. Manufacturer wont help me, no manual for the bike, google search didn't help find an error code. Please save me thanks!
  9. A

    Used Izip for $800 or Bafang kit + Masi converted into E-bike for 1300??

    Hi! Trying to decide btw a used Izip E3 Vibe for $800 or Bafang Kit converting a Masi Strada Vita bike into e-bike for $1300. My local bike shop recommends converting a Masi (or other nice bike) into E-bike with the bafang kit, which they do all the labor for. And that means they can do all...
  10. P

    Lightest ebike Kit. Indiegogo campain.

    Seems that a good campain on indiegogo is coming. It seems to be a good alternative to bafang motors. I am definitely going to buy this campain. You can check the info in the link. There are four different power systems, 250W-500W-750W and 1000W( I will probably go for this one :cool:) -The...
  11. Robequain

    BAFANG motor issue

    Hi, I am cyclist (able for maintenance on any bike) but new e-bike enthusiast using a BAFANG motor with C963 display. I have a cargo-bike (Yuba) which is secondhand bike used daily for school drop and pick-up (2 kids). The joy ended end of December. It is not working anymore. Motor stopped...
  12. M

    upgrade bafang mid-drive possible?

    I'm looking at getting my first ebike, and leaning toward an M2S or VoltBike model, both designed around a bafang 350w mid-drive. I want torque sensing, but ideally would like a throttle as well, which these don't come with. (I also looked at Juiced torque-sensing hub drives, but have read on...
  13. pushkar

    Little Surprises - Upgrades and Promotions , Nov 2019

    Woohoo... Our own dedicated forum. This is exciting stuff. Building bicycles is hard - but I have been able to iteratively improve / update components on the UC Pro with a ton of positive and constructive feedback. I will try to post cool things that we are live with / or upgrades we are...
  14. A

    Guten Tag from the DFW Metroplex

    In November of last year I completed my first ebike using a Bafang BBSHD and a Priority Continuum Bicycle. For me, I enjoy cycling, but I've found an ebike brings back the exhilaration of being a kid and the excitement of freewheeling all over again. Long story short, I've parted ways with my...
  15. Denny G.

    BBS02B started bucking, surging, with power lags!

    About 15 months ago, I installed a Bafang BBS02B on a Bacchetta Corsa recumbent bicycle (see photos). All went very well, great installation, smooth ride, et al, 'till about a week ago when going up a slight grade I noticed a momentary power loss/hesitation. While in power assist with pedals, I...
  16. F

    Have old dirty bike. What chinese motor to use?

    Haven't used this bike since 2018 December, I read that I need to clean up the chains (remove rust, oil it up) What kit do you guys recommend? Needs to be cheap, and chinese. A cheap battery would be a benefit, but I have the skills to solder/wire up a pack my self
  17. M

    Narrowing down choices. . .

    New to the forum--very helpful resource! Forgive me for any naiveté; I'm in the information-gathering stage and there's a whole lot I don't know. I bought a Radwagon for my wife a couple years ago, which we love. I understand it's not a high quality piece of cycling machinery, but it serves...
  18. BBassett

    Ebike Touring/Bike Camping

    Purpose-built for long-distance bike camping and touring. Tout Terrain Panamericana, BaFang BBSHD, RockShox Air suspension, Rohloff Speed-Hub, dynamo hub, single wheel suspended trailer. - Bike and Trailer
  19. mbouck

    Jugernaut Ultra 1000 - Dutch commuter style w/ integrated lights

    Just finished re-configuring my new Jugernaut Ultra 1000 in "commuter mode" complete with integrated 48V front and rear lighting! Before I get to the integrated lights (because that's it's own story) here are the changes I made to the stock configuration: Busch + Müller IQ X E headlight (150...
  20. Dewey

    BBS01 on a 2017 Breezer Downtown 8 ST

    Getting back in the saddle after recovering from a broken leg I decided to get a new step through bike and swap over the BBS01 motor, rear cog, and commuting accessories from my old bike. Had to remove the Breezer chainguard so replaced it with a Hebie chainglider, which meant I had to remove...