battery issue

  1. Doug Devine

    non-zero, powered-off battery voltage???

    Does anyone else get a positive voltage reading on their battery pack with it powered off? I always found that strange. When I plug in my voltmeter probes, I get about 25V but it quickly decreases and then it steadies around 12.5V. Removing the probes and reinserting them repeats the...
  2. D

    Turbo X 691 Battery Problem

    Hi all, Unfortunately, I am having an issue with my 691wH battery which appears to be semi dead. It’s been working faultlessly for the past year or so and then suddenly today no LEDs when pressing the button. Obviously I tried the usual things (mounting, unmounting etc) and I know it’s not...
  3. C

    Battery issue.. top of battery melted and will not charge

    I could not reach anyone, so I did some research and have found that these lithium batteries need to be shipped as class 9 hazardous materials. No freight companies will touch my battery without me personally taking a hazmat class, packaging in specific DOT (Department Of Transportation)...