1. T

    Rize RX, battery charging

    I have searched the Forum but don't see this issue addressed, which means its probably a non-issue. The Manual states "Remove the charger from the battery within one hour after it has been completely charged. The charger will automatically stop charging when the battery is full, however...
  2. E

    A look inside a Juiced 52V 13Ah battery.

    There have been a few photos in the past of the Juiced battery as people had to open them to fix the connector, this look might go a bit farther. I bought a defective battery just for the case, but turned out the case is too small to fit my replacement pack once all nicely protected. While I...
  3. Indigomacaw

    Shimano Logo Flashes but then shuts off

    I’ll press the on button and the Shimano logo will stay up for a few seconds and then it’ll shut off. the external battery when it’s not connected shows five green dots when I press the button on the battery. But when it’s plugged into the bike no battery level is displayed when I press the...
  4. Blinding_Light

    Ebike shuts off as I ride over bumps

    Hi. First of all sorry If my english is bad. So I recently built my own custom ebike with Bafang BBS02B 750 W motor kit with battery. Everything is working very well and I've had a lot of fun riding it, except the battery seems to lose contact and because of that the ebike shuts off and I have...
  5. Blinding_Light

    Ebike turns off as I ride over the bumps issue

    Hi. First of all sorry If my english is bad. So I recently built my own custom ebike with Bafang BBS02B 750 W motor kit with battery. Everything is working very well and I've had a lot of fun riding it, except the battery seems to lose contact and because of that the ebike shuts off and I have...
  6. T

    Losing my mind trying to figure this out

    I have an ecotric 26 fat tire electric bike. From 2019 i cycled the battery maybe 15 times since I've owned it. The bike is like new, I've maintained the battery very well and I've checked it with a multimeter and it appears to be fine, reading 40v volts at full charge. This is how it all...
  7. Bjr49000

    Cut-off voltage, BMS or motor ?

    Hi, I have a BBS02b kit installed on my bike since a while. Recently I had problem with motor and display switching off abruptly. I'm trying to understand where the problem comes from. It seems to me that the problem is battery voltage drop too much under load. I would like to know if the...
  8. Petropoliskhan

    Ebike battery, range,consumption infographic

    Hi, Stromer recently posted this interesting infographic about battery, consumption and range. Although it was made by Stromer I believe most of it applies to any ebike check it out.
  9. Jokerro

    Electric bicycle battery repair/diy

    Hello there! I recently purchased an e-bike (Batavus Padova Easy) with semi dead BMS, semi it's because it allowed the batteries to be charged fully, and that's good because it allowed me to test them, and once I did, I noticed that the batteries are OK, they hold charge decently, not dropping...
  10. pushkar

    What is the ideal range on a single charge?

    Question is about the ideal range with single battery,fully charged. Assume that rider has enough power and a throttle. Assume there is a dual battery option to atleast double the onboard battery Ignore use case (commuting / fun / offroad) - just assume you are answering for your use case
  11. S

    Reasonable pricing for batteries

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, so if I've made a mistake, please be nice! My question is what would you consider a reasonable price for a 48v 8.7Ah ebike battery? I recently converted my specialized rockhopper to a 1500w direct drive ebike but whilst I was looking for batteries, I was...
  12. A

    Learning more about DIY ebike builders and ebike owners

    Hey Guys, As of now I am part of a team of students that wants to make the e-bike experience better. In order to get a better feel of the market, I am trying to conduct some zoom customer interviews in order to guage whether our target market would be responsive to a product we are trying to...
  13. F

    Help for Hybrid 26" 2011 Battery

    Hi everybody. I have lost the whole battery set (charger and case, battery pack included) and would like to buy a new one. I want a different one though, since the original model is old and heavy and way too expensive. I wouldn't mind more power/speed of course. Does anybody or do you know...
  14. javierfae

    GPS Tracker that also reads battery level (&mileage?)

    Hi folks, I am starting an e-bike sharing project for a town in France. We certainly need to track the GPS coordinates of the bikes. There are multiple devices for that. However, I haven't found any market ready solution that also reads from the bike system its battery level and its mileage...
  15. E

    How do you charge your Juiced Bike?

    I'm looking into a portable solution for my ebike for when I want to charge the battery independently of the bike. Electricity in my area has surges so I'm considering getting a UPS but I'm willing to pay more for a better solution if anyone has some advice it is appreciated. I imagine if I get...
  16. N.T. Diluvian

    battery manufacture date

    I'm new to the forum, and new to e-bikes, so thanks in advance for humouring me ... Last November (2020) I bought a Daymak e-bike online from here in Toronto. It's this one: When I unpacked it I saw a label on the battery that looks like it might be a...
  17. G

    Heavy Battery Usage/Battery Safety Question

    I'm planning a touring trip on my Juiced CCX, and for some days of the trip I calculated I will need a battery capacity of 1200-1400 watt hours to get to my destination, which is just slightly above my bike battery's 1000 wh capacity. I was thinking of fast-charging my battery at a restaurant...
  18. tk310

    Daymak kingston battery problem?!

    Why my kingston doing this ? Click Daymak kingston to see video. Do I need new battery or some power problem ?
  19. R

    Battery decline

    Has anyone noticed their batteries declining faster than expected? I've had my original battery for almost 2 years now and I've lost probably 40% of the original capacity. I bought a replacement battery (figured it was way cheaper than buying a new bike, plus now I'd have two) and that one...
  20. liquidate

    Barrel connector size for 2020 RadCity 4

    Hello, I have a Cycle Satiator that I use for a few different ebike batteries. I recently purchased a Rad City 4 but neither of these connectors has worked for me. Both fail to start charging, with the Satiator telling me to connect the battery: Grin Technolologies XLR to DC 2.5mm Adapter...