1. A

    NCM Battery won't turn on unless "jump started"

    Hello, I have a NCM Prague with about 400km on it. When the bike has not been used for a period of time the control panel on the bike will not turn on the battery/bike. The battery capacity button also doesn't turn on the battery/bike or show the battery capacity. I've never timed...
  2. shyneforever1

    how to replace my battery? please help

    I'm gonna buy this new battery and I am scared I wont be able to connect it to my motor because the connection types are different. How would I be able to connect the new battery to my controller? Why does the "canon charging connector" look so weird? I have no clue how I would connect this to...
  3. shyneforever1

    Does this look like a good battery?

  4. tego

    Battery compatibility question

    Hey everyone, I'm a pretty decent home mechanic, but very new to the e-bike world. I bought a conversion kit off eBay recently without really doing my homework beforehand. The battery pack it came with doesn't inspire any confidence now that I've read more about them, so I'd like to return it...
  5. F

    Speed for low price

    I want to get an ebike (or a moped or motorcycle) that can go up to at least 55kph and is under 3000$ CAD (or a little bit more if it’s really necessary). I am willing to build/modify it if need be but I don’t want something that looks like a DIY project done by a 12yo. I already got a Sondors...
  6. F

    Battery goes from 18% to 31% without charging

    Greetings, This is my first EV anything and am wondering if this is normal or not. Shut the bike down last night after a ride, 18% remaining. Did not hook up the charger. This morning it reads 31%. I notice this all the time, sometimes during a ride if I turn it off then right back on the %...
  7. M

    How the heck do I legally ship a spare ebike battery domestically???

    How the heck do I ship a spare e-bike battery??? Just the battery, no bike. It is a 480Wh Lithium Ion battery for a Specialized Turbo Vado. Unfortunately, the local FedEx and UPS stores said they are unable to pack it up for me. It is being shipped domestically. So it can go via ground...
  8. F

    ebike parts closeout

    Too many parts to list... bags, batteries, racks, brakes, controllers, throttles, rims, spokes, chargers...... see or pm me for what u need
  9. N

    Ultimate Electric Bike - long range, high power, all terrain all weather bike, no registration...

    BUDGET: 15 000 Euros (around 17 000 USD) THE AIM: Build a highly reliable, long range, high power, all terrain, all weather bike.... Hello, I have a question: 1. Can you build a bike that is 10 000 watts? 2. Can you reduce power down to 1000 Watts for light cruising speeds on the road so it is...
  10. raboof

    Fixed CCS lost key by cutting retention mechanism & replacing?

    I lost a key for a Juiced CrossCurrent S standard battery and I need to replace the battery. Normally, the bike is stored in my garage so I don't remove the battery & have misplaced the keys. Based on the other CCS I have (which has a larger battery), it looks like I could cut the plastic...
  11. Air2air

    Battery backpacks as a product

    Wondering if a standalone e-Bike battery backpack is a thing yet. If it is not, I'm mulling whether to produce one or at least a kit instead of the hack jobs we are having to do now. Repacked my Kriega R-15 backpack with styrene foam, cut and hot-glued to just the right shape for the 17.5 52V...
  12. T

    Rize RX, battery charging

    I have searched the Forum but don't see this issue addressed, which means its probably a non-issue. The Manual states "Remove the charger from the battery within one hour after it has been completely charged. The charger will automatically stop charging when the battery is full, however...
  13. E

    A look inside a Juiced 52V 13Ah battery.

    There have been a few photos in the past of the Juiced battery as people had to open them to fix the connector, this look might go a bit farther. I bought a defective battery just for the case, but turned out the case is too small to fit my replacement pack once all nicely protected. While I...
  14. Indigomacaw

    Shimano Logo Flashes but then shuts off

    I’ll press the on button and the Shimano logo will stay up for a few seconds and then it’ll shut off. the external battery when it’s not connected shows five green dots when I press the button on the battery. But when it’s plugged into the bike no battery level is displayed when I press the...
  15. Blinding_Light

    Ebike shuts off as I ride over bumps

    Hi. First of all sorry If my english is bad. So I recently built my own custom ebike with Bafang BBS02B 750 W motor kit with battery. Everything is working very well and I've had a lot of fun riding it, except the battery seems to lose contact and because of that the ebike shuts off and I have...
  16. Blinding_Light

    Ebike turns off as I ride over the bumps issue

    Hi. First of all sorry If my english is bad. So I recently built my own custom ebike with Bafang BBS02B 750 W motor kit with battery. Everything is working very well and I've had a lot of fun riding it, except the battery seems to lose contact and because of that the ebike shuts off and I have...
  17. T

    Losing my mind trying to figure this out

    I have an ecotric 26 fat tire electric bike. From 2019 i cycled the battery maybe 15 times since I've owned it. The bike is like new, I've maintained the battery very well and I've checked it with a multimeter and it appears to be fine, reading 40v volts at full charge. This is how it all...
  18. Bjr49000

    Cut-off voltage, BMS or motor ?

    Hi, I have a BBS02b kit installed on my bike since a while. Recently I had problem with motor and display switching off abruptly. I'm trying to understand where the problem comes from. It seems to me that the problem is battery voltage drop too much under load. I would like to know if the...
  19. Petropoliskhan

    Ebike battery, range,consumption infographic

    Hi, Stromer recently posted this interesting infographic about battery, consumption and range. Although it was made by Stromer I believe most of it applies to any ebike check it out.
  20. Jokerro

    Electric bicycle battery repair/diy

    Hello there! I recently purchased an e-bike (Batavus Padova Easy) with semi dead BMS, semi it's because it allowed the batteries to be charged fully, and that's good because it allowed me to test them, and once I did, I noticed that the batteries are OK, they hold charge decently, not dropping...