1. javierfae

    GPS Tracker that also reads battery level (&mileage?)

    Hi folks, I am starting an e-bike sharing project for a town in France. We certainly need to track the GPS coordinates of the bikes. There are multiple devices for that. However, I haven't found any market ready solution that also reads from the bike system its battery level and its mileage...
  2. E

    How do you charge your Juiced Bike?

    I'm looking into a portable solution for my ebike for when I want to charge the battery independently of the bike. Electricity in my area has surges so I'm considering getting a UPS but I'm willing to pay more for a better solution if anyone has some advice it is appreciated. I imagine if I get...
  3. N.T. Diluvian

    battery manufacture date

    I'm new to the forum, and new to e-bikes, so thanks in advance for humouring me ... Last November (2020) I bought a Daymak e-bike online from here in Toronto. It's this one: When I unpacked it I saw a label on the battery that looks like it might be a...
  4. G

    Heavy Battery Usage/Battery Safety Question

    I'm planning a touring trip on my Juiced CCX, and for some days of the trip I calculated I will need a battery capacity of 1200-1400 watt hours to get to my destination, which is just slightly above my bike battery's 1000 wh capacity. I was thinking of fast-charging my battery at a restaurant...
  5. tk310

    Daymak kingston battery problem?!

    Why my kingston doing this ? Click Daymak kingston to see video. Do I need new battery or some power problem ?
  6. R

    Battery decline

    Has anyone noticed their batteries declining faster than expected? I've had my original battery for almost 2 years now and I've lost probably 40% of the original capacity. I bought a replacement battery (figured it was way cheaper than buying a new bike, plus now I'd have two) and that one...
  7. liquidate

    Barrel connector size for 2020 RadCity 4

    Hello, I have a Cycle Satiator that I use for a few different ebike batteries. I recently purchased a Rad City 4 but neither of these connectors has worked for me. Both fail to start charging, with the Satiator telling me to connect the battery: Grin Technolologies XLR to DC 2.5mm Adapter...
  8. H

    I Need A Motor Controller & 3 Speed Handlebar Switcher For My Ancheer Power Plus!

    I'm only able to go about a minute or two & the lights on the left of the handle bar turns off & i have to turn turn off the battery & wait a few seconds & turn it back on & then I'm able to go a minute or two & it turns off again. Where can i get parts for my Ancheer Power Plus, here's a link...
  9. bombadero

    Bosch Powerpack 500 rebuild/replacement

    Hello, I recently noticed that the range on both of our e-bikes, a R&M Homage GT Nuvinci, and an HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS20 with Go SwissDrive system, have been greatly diminished and it looks like they are reaching end-of-life on both bikes. The R&M battery is at about 1/10th and the HPV...
  10. B

    Super Noob Incoming - E-bikes and Batteries

    Hi All, This is my first ever post on here and as of Monday next week, I'll own my first ever e-bike! Here is the bike I'm getting...
  11. FastLyfeG

    2nd\Spare Battery Solution?

    As I do my usual late night Mod hunting\research browsing I came across this and looking at the identical specs and that its also using Samsung Cells Im curious to know if this could be a 2nd or spare battery option for the Aventon Level Im no electrical engineer so I thought Id post this and...
  12. Papadevo

    Better range extender?

    Wondering if anyone has a better option for a range extender for a Creo. $500 seems like a high price for the Specialized branded battery.
  13. kiwitourer

    FOR SALE: 2 x Luna X1 (Dengfu M09) 48v 14ah Batteries

    Hi. I was sent 2 wrong size batteries by Dengfu (sinced corrected) so have 2 brand new 48v 14ah batteries for sale. Price is US$300 per battery, plus shipping. I am based in New Zealand so happy to quote shipping cost if anyone is interested.
  14. S

    Specialized Turbo Electric Motor Help

    Currently have a 500 Watt ebike, full watt 1200 it was first bike. Looking at getting budget Specialized bike, they all seem to have mid engine motors. Can anyone tell me if these Speacilized bikes have full auto mode, I commute going up some big hills into the wind. Will these motors get me...
  15. S

    Broken battery lock preventing removal

    I have a 2016 BH EasyMotion Xenion City Wave with Bosch Performance Line and rear rack mounted battery. When I turn the key to the unlock position, nothing happens and I cannot remove the battery. I would really appreciate any advice on dealing with this problem. Key easily turns to the open...
  16. B

    Bafang 750 Watt, Integrated Wheel, Rear Hub Fat Bike Motor

    I'm new to ebikes and took my first plunge with a retro beach cruiser 20 inch fat bike, the Addmotor Motan M-70. I am enjoying this bike for all it's worth, but am frustrated at not reaching advertised performance of 28+ mph. I'd also like to extend battery life, or open to possibly travelling...
  17. T

    [Request for advice] Looking for an appropriate charger

    I recently got a used Jetson e-bike for free, and the owner says it works and I just need to charge the battery. However, the charger itself is missing. I need to find and buy and appropriate charger to charge it at home off the home-grid (I live in New York, US if that matters), but I'm a...
  18. J

    What batteries is Giant using?

    The Giant eMTB motors (for 2020, anyway) are Yamaha PW-X2 and PW-ST. But are the batteries rebranded Yamaha as well? My Giant dealer claimed that they were really Panasonic batteries, not Yamaha, "special Panasonic batteries, with the same technology as Tesla!" I thought they were just the...
  19. M

    Urban Plus Tranzx battery reverse engineering

    We all know the problem with proprietary systems, so lets try and reverse engineer them! My Urban plus battery is showing it's age. A few things should be explained first: On the urban plus, the bike can be started with the battery, OR the Kobi system through the button or the smartphone...
  20. Urbanmtndew1

    Question about the Izip E3 Vibe+

    This weekend I have purchased an used 2016 Izip E3 Vibe+. It has some wear from the looks of a pannier. Over all looks to be in good condition. But when I went to pick it up there wasn't a key to "unlock" the battery pack. Due to my living situation I do not have an inside storage area where i...