1. K

    Bafang BBSO2 motor keeps going

    Hi, I have a bbso2 mid drive on a yuba cargo bike. It was recently serviced (regreased and packed) and was working ok for a couple of rides, then suddenly the motor wouldn't cut out when I stopped pedaling and would just keep charging onwards. I can shut the motor off by turning pas down to 0...
  2. joowaa

    [SOLVED] Bafang BBS02 : crackling noise when pedaling : any idea why ?

    Solved on July 10th : as WilliamT suggested, it was most likely caused by the motor mounting bracket rubbing against the chassis, due to the mounting nut being slightly loose, or the motor having slightly dropped since first install. At least I reckon. In any case, if you hear the same noise...
  3. Denny G.

    BBS02B started bucking, surging, with power lags!

    About 15 months ago, I installed a Bafang BBS02B on a Bacchetta Corsa recumbent bicycle (see photos). All went very well, great installation, smooth ride, et al, 'till about a week ago when going up a slight grade I noticed a momentary power loss/hesitation. While in power assist with pedals, I...
  4. T

    Just took the plunge and spent $1500+ on my first eBike build

    I've built motorized gasoline bikes in the past but needed something more stealthy (and I wanted to try something new). My purchase list so far: Trek Marlin 5 Bafang BBS02 48v 750W kit Calibike 48v 20aH battery Misc (ie Bike lock, lights, etc) I recently found out that my bike has hydraulic...
  5. TML

    BBS02 Build

    After spending a few months with a 2014 Prodecotech Phantom X2 in a very hilly area; I decided its time to get a bike with a rear rack and a mid drive. All of the options with the range and speed I wanted were way out of my price range. I spent a good bit of time comparing battery builders and...
  6. 1

    Bafangusadirect review

    Hi, I wanted to post my experience with my bafang kit I purchased about Feb 2018 from the super short review for those that don't wanna read my long winded review is I have absolutely loved it if your thinking about buying one do it!!! Now for some details: I...
  7. Barry S

    Need help understanding motor wattage

    In regards to the Bafang G06 geared hub motor for instance, what's the internal difference between the 500W and 750W? Is there a noticeable difference in performance? What about between the BBS02 and BBSHD mid drives? I understand that peak output is determined by the controller/battery...
  8. Ken Cameron

    Looking for advice on troubleshooting BBS02

    After 18 months of solid and trouble-free operation my BBS02 stopped working yesterday. Nothing happens when I try to switch it on, nothing is visible on the screen, and there is no sound from the motor. The details of my setup are (Link Removed - No Longer Exists). I have two batteries, and...
  9. GMS

    Marin Fairfax SC6 Alfine IGH Commuter Build

    Recently built up my second (sort of third) BBS02 commuter build on a 2014 Marin Fairfax SC6 with an Shimano Alfine 11 speed IGH. While I only have about 20-30 miles on the build so far, I absolutely love the IGH. The shifting is very smooth and precise, but does require cutting power in...
  10. roshan

    BBS02 powered cruiser on Indiegogo

    Hi folks, don't want to spam you folks, but if you're interested in a BBS powered cruiser for $1350, check it out here: