1. cliffieleez

    How to get to know my ebike

    Two months ago, I got my first ebike on Craigslist and I fell in love with cycle commuting. It's a Velec R48T that I bought off a retiree for $500; he lived in an RV park off a three-lane highway and didn't like doing 20mph in the breakdown lane anymore. I asked a lot of questions that I thought...
  2. Zeppelin

    Hello from Maine

    Hello everyone my name is Peter, but you can call me Grim or GrimClawz. I'm from Maine and I am just getting into electric bikes and electric scooters. So because I'm a newbie I decided to go with more of a beginner electric scooter. I ended up getting the brookstone Blue line elite 10. I worked...
  3. M

    Why no reviews for Hyper Eride?

    I am new to the ebike scene. And I am thinking of purchasing my 1st ebike soon. I have been doing much research, and watched/read MANY reviews. As an entry level rider, I am wondering why no one (EBR, or otherwise) is doing full scale review of the Hyper Eride? I know that the bike is not...
  4. F

    Have old dirty bike. What chinese motor to use?

    Haven't used this bike since 2018 December, I read that I need to clean up the chains (remove rust, oil it up) What kit do you guys recommend? Needs to be cheap, and chinese. A cheap battery would be a benefit, but I have the skills to solder/wire up a pack my self