bike security

  1. aaronhamlin

    Completist's Guide To Bike Security

    In all the forums I'm a part of, bike security and locks always comes up. Being in the locksport community (think lockpicking for fun but not for stealing), I think about this perhaps more than average. So I've spent the past six months or so writing the best essay I could on bike security and...
  2. E

    Aventure Rear Rack Alternatives, and Security

    I just ordered a pair of Aventures for my wife and I. She got the small, and they are sold out of the rear racks for that size. I'm wondering if I can just order a third party rear rack? Is there a size spec I should keep in mind? Clearly they are sized for the bike frame, so I would want to...
  3. Chris Nolte

    Abus Keyed Alike Locks

    The Abus Keyed Alike program has always been popular in our shop and we recently made a video and built a tool to make the program more accessible. To order a keyed alike lock check out this link: