1. N

    SOLD ------- 2021 Dual-Battery, Blix Packa for sale - local area pickup

    We purchased two Dual-Battery Blix Packas with hopes of riding them together. But my wife's skill level doesn't fit with her ability to ride hers alone. So we're offering it for sale and getting her an E-Trike instead. Her Packa [the one on the left in the picture] has only 11 miles on the...
  2. S

    Blix Packa: Fun for the Family and EBR review

    Here is the latest Blix Journal! This summer, finding a new way to run errands, take the kids around, and even get to work, can add fun for the entire family. The Blix Packa compact cargo ebike, is ready to replace the car and help you and your kids spend more time outdoors, adventure...
  3. S

    Summer Cruising on the Blix Sol

    Have you checked out the newly updated Blix Sol E-cruiser? Here is the latest Blix Rider Journal: We are officially in the heat of summer, both literally and figuratively... As we enjoy our vacations, time with the kids at home, and long summer days, cruising around becomes a new favorite...
  4. S

    How a Blix Rider Changed His Commute

    Blix Rider Alex R. from Washington state shared with us how he switched up his commute. Here is his story: Making the transition from commuting by car to commuting by bike can be difficult, especially when multiple hills are scattered along the ride. However, as Alex found, an electric bike...
  5. Pontus Malmberg

    New Blix Packa Compact Cargo ebike!

    Powerful. Versatile. Stylish. Affordable. The Blix Packa is launching this spring! Sign up for early bird pricing up to 40% off during our Indiegogo campaign in March: Some goodies: Super compact cargo design comparable to a regular bike A dual...
  6. E

    On a Blix Monthly Photo Competition

    We love seeing where your Blix takes you. When Blix riders tag us in their photos using the #OnABlix they are automatically entered for a chance to win the monthly prize in the month they posted! We received a lot of great photos and it was hard to choose a winner. Congrats to @owenbiddle — our...
  7. B

    Choosing between folding bikes & the local shops that sell them

    It'll be a commuting bike that will be stored in my trunk, as I live in a walk-up without an elevator. My commute is ~4 mi each way with ~1.5mi long hill, and I used to do it on my pedal-powered hybrid but now I get too sweaty for the workplace & need another option. I'm currently deciding...
  8. J

    The electric bike business is booming in Omaha

    Omaha Bicycle Co. Owner Sarah Johnson is changing the way Omahans get around. Awesome to see e-bikes getting some push from mainstream media!
  9. E

    Blix bike Spring Sale

    Join the e-bike revolution today and save up to 150 USD on our best selling high step models. The Blix Komfort Prima & The Blix Aveny, our Prima was recently reviewed by TechCrunch and the Aveny was reviewed by EBR.
  10. Bill Mitchell

    Evelo Luna vs. Blix Komfort+

    My wife and I are both 67 and will be riding in the semi-bike-friendly environs of Boston and Brookline. Some local hills present challenges for our bad knees, thus our interest in ebikes as opposed to the 15 year-old city bikes we're riding now. Considering Evelo Luna...
  11. Tara D.

    Blix Komfort+

    Based with office and warehouse out of Santa Cruz, CA, Blix is working closely with partners and suppliers who have provided the Scandinavian market with some of the most popular electric bikes since 2006. The Blix Komfort+ is an elegant city cruiser that’s agile and efficient compared to the...
  12. Tara D.

    Blix Vika+

    Vika means to fold in Swedish I am in love with this vintage green! The Blix Vika+ is a folding electric bike with classy accents including matching saddle and stitched ergonomic grips. Upgraded brake levers with comfort edge, easy-mount step-thru frame, locking removable battery pack. Here...