bluetooth ebike display

  1. PolarBear123

    What does Bluetooth do?

    Hello everyone, I've bought a Yamaha eBike, the Cross Core version. It's great, but I'm curious about what one of its features does. It has several Bluetooth profiles. How do I connect to this bike over Bluetooth? Then, which app should I use? And what do the profiles mean? Thank you very much!
  2. P

    RideControl Evo- connectivity and use!

    I've just bought a Quick-E and really pleased with it so far. My inquisitive nature has drawn me to the RideControl computer and it seems to boast bluetooth functionality. My retailer also told me that it could support a second screen and it shipped with a micros USB cable to connect it. Has...
  3. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Wireless bluetooth electric bike display with mobile phone app

    it is talking about the wireless display long time when we come to ebike business, it is very hard to make a reliable system without EMC, reliable connection problem, now the problem finally solved. we have a LED display integrated with bluetooth function, you can install the BTN-EBIKE(OEM...