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  1. R

    Bosch ebike mid motor noise performance cx

    Hello i have a video of my ebike motor making weird noise. Anyone know how to fix this? I tried turning the cranks with no chain still makes the same noise. Here is the video link :
  2. A

    Bosch Gen4 Perf Line CX stutters in Turbo after update - why? ('21Trek Rail 7)

    I purchased a 2021 Trek Rail 7 in Aug 2020 knowing that Bosch planned an update for the bike's Gen 4 Performance Line CX motor which increases torque from 75 to 85 nm. I had fun riding during August and September, then returned the bike for the software upgrade through the dealer only to find...
  3. bombadero

    Bosch Powerpack 500 rebuild/replacement

    Hello, I recently noticed that the range on both of our e-bikes, a R&M Homage GT Nuvinci, and an HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS20 with Go SwissDrive system, have been greatly diminished and it looks like they are reaching end-of-life on both bikes. The R&M battery is at about 1/10th and the HPV...
  4. nate_lynch

    Second gen Bosch Performance CX question

    Hi all, I'm considering getting an ebike with an older Bosch system, to offset the cost a bit, and I'm wondering about how much friction the reduction gearing system creates when pedaling unpowered. I do like the flexibility of pedaling unpowered, and in previous threads in the forum, Court...
  5. xMarcus

    Bosch motor turns off in cold

    Riding in the NYC winter in the low to mid thirties I have observed that my Bosch 2018 CX motor will sometimes not turn on in the cold weather or will turn off when riding. Storing and charging the battery indoors definitely helps but it doesn't prevent the issue. Same for the use of...
  6. Chris Nolte

    Video: Bosch eBikes CEO Claus Fleischer Reflects on the Early Days at Bosch

    Ever wonder how Bosch started their Ebike division? Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems reflects on the early days and how far Bosch has come with a focus on the US developments at the 5 year anniversary celebration in Lake Forest California. I hope you enjoy!
  7. Chris Nolte

    Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem eBike

    I recently published this video of the Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem and figured I would share here. It’s a Bosch powered electric tandem capable of varied terrain. This one is the trekking version but it’s also available as a mountain version. It’s quite a cool bike and a blast to ride! I hope...
  8. Tantalus

    (SOLD) 2018 IZIP E3 Peak DS Bosch CX Shimano XT (M)

    Hi Guys - I am moving overseas, so I need to sell my relatively new dual suspension EMTB. Size is Medium (M) Due to the high cost of hazmat shipping, I have (2) pricing options: $1,750 local pickup only or $1,250 + US shipping bike and charger with NO BATTERY Here is the backstory: I...
  9. Ravi Kempaiah

    Best eMTB motor for 2019 - 9 motors tested.

    eMTB magazine has some solid testing crew. Their conclusions often resonate with a lot of riders. Even though they are based out of Germany, they don't side with any particular brand of motor manufacturer. They recently tested 9 motors including the TQ motor that goes on the FLYONS and the...
  10. B

    Orbea Wild 20 and New to EBR!

    Hi folks, Just bought my first proper Electric Mountain Bike. Earlier this year I bought a cheap eBay electric bike and thought it was fun. After riding it and loving it, I felt it was time for a better quality Electric Mountain Bike. I ending up with the Orbea Wild 20. I bought it with...
  11. Haibike Rider

    Bosch motors can now be repaired out of warranty!

    Up until now, if your Bosch motor failed and it's out of warranty your options were fairly limited, prey it's a main motor bearing or buy a new motor! can now repair or overhaul your Bosch motor. Repairs to circuit boards or gears are still not possible but...
  12. buffalowind

    Hi from southern Spain

    I bought my first eBike about 2 weeks ago. A Cube Hybrid Race 500. I've done about 150 Kms so far. I think I have been waiting for a bike like this. The area here is mountainous, but there is no holding me back now I can manage to actually climb the hills. What a fantastic tool!!! I'm loving it!!
  13. Durukan Devrim

    Bafang G520 vs Bosch CX

    Anyone tried the new Bafang G520? In their website it claims that its max torque is 90 nm which is way higher than top of the line Bosch CX motor. They're both rated at 250 w so I wonder if those claims are true.
  14. I

    Bosch ebike motor squeak

    Anyone else have this issue with Bosch motor? I found this video on YouTube (Not my motor). Mine is the Performance CX version and making the exact same squeaking noise.