bosch engine problem

  1. LordJura

    Powerfly 7 problem with speed on computer

    Hi, I bought Trek Powerfly 7 half a year ago. And now I have problem with speed on cycle computer. If I ride around 20 km/h, the speed on computer starts jumping around - 24, 18, 23 etc. But in real the speed is still the same 20km/h. Diagnostic looks OK. Does anyone had some issue? Thank...
  2. Haibike Rider

    Bosch motor strip and rebuild video

    People asked for a "how to" video on stripping, changing bearings and re-building a Bosch motor. So I did one! Yes, I know, I have the voice of an undertaker and a face for radio but hopefully it may help if you're wondering if this is something you can do or not, once your bike slips out of...
  3. Albe215

    Need help on Haibike All Mtn pro-error code 500

    So went to go for my Sunday ride this morning and to my surprise, no power coming on the bike and getting error code 500. I looked it up and it says it means " internal error of the drive unit". Tried restating it and still same error code. I took it to my local dealer and they are running the...