bosch troubleshooting

  1. Chris Nolte

    Rohloff E-14 Troubleshooting

    I put together a little video with some of the common challenges people have with the Rohloff E-14. I hope you find it to be helpful.
  2. IggyBBR

    Does anybody know where I can replacement cases and parts for the Intuvia Display and trigger?

    Went for a quick trail ride yesterday, while rolling over a log I lost control (on some wet leaves and mud) and went over the bars. After picking myself off the ground I noticed that the tabs which holds the display snapped off. I manage to continue by reattaching the display with a few zipties...
  3. Azu

    Can not connect the Bosch Nyon to Wi-Fi after the latest update

    Hello! Greetings from Zurich. On 01.08.2017 I successfully downloaded the latest upgrade on my Bosch Nyon onboard computer used with the Bosch Performance motor, the Nyon automatically rebooted after the download. It started and displayed the message "New maps available".... unfortunately the...
  4. MarkE

    Bosch 400 power pack won't shut off

    Hi all great forum! My 2015 haibike emtb Bosch 400 power pack is acting strangely. Everything functionally works charges , it runs perfectly until I try to turn it off. It then promptly reboots. This happens either in or out of cradle so the battery alone will cycle on without hitting...
  5. Albe215

    Need help on Haibike All Mtn pro-error code 500

    So went to go for my Sunday ride this morning and to my surprise, no power coming on the bike and getting error code 500. I looked it up and it says it means " internal error of the drive unit". Tried restating it and still same error code. I took it to my local dealer and they are running the...