1. redalexx

    CUBE Stereo 120 Race (2016)

    From October 2016 to June 2017 I could use a borrowed CUBE Stereo 120 Race from Susan (mother in law) to commute to work. So I told her that there will be additional 2.000km (1.250mi) on the bike, when I’ll give it back – but it was more – a lot more! Summary Okt. 9th, 2016 – 256mi –...
  2. redalexx

    CUBE Reaction SL 500 (2017)

    It was an odyssey to get a Cube Reaction SL (2017) in black. The delivery date was originally end of January 2017 – shifted, shifted, shifted, shifted – at begin of June they told me the next possible bike to get ist mid of July 2017. OK - Stop. I was looking for a dealer who had the bike in...
  3. CraftyXR

    Mondraker Crafty XR plus A frame question

    Hello all, brand new to this forum, hope its gonna be a long learning journey on here. I recently acquired the new mondraker e Crafty XR plus 500watt bike with bosch CX. Im very happy with this bike its a sensational ride wherever you go. I've done circa 350km with it so far. This week i was...