1. J

    Bosch drive unit chainring revolution

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the number of chainring revolutions per crank arm revolution. I have seen a number of videos reviewing ebikes with the Bosch e-bike system and learned that the chainring revolves 2.5 times for every single crank arm revolution. and it raised some...
  2. Azu

    Can not connect the Bosch Nyon to Wi-Fi after the latest update

    Hello! Greetings from Zurich. On 01.08.2017 I successfully downloaded the latest upgrade on my Bosch Nyon onboard computer used with the Bosch Performance motor, the Nyon automatically rebooted after the download. It started and displayed the message "New maps available".... unfortunately the...
  3. N

    Help chose Ebike full suspension 29" Bosch motor

    Please I need help for good choose an Ebike Motor Bosch (CX or HS) Full suspension and 29" wich model recommend me? Thanks
  4. Chris Nolte

    Hieko Müller is coming to Brooklyn

    April is looking like it's going to be a very exciting month. It sounds like Court will be visiting during the first couple of weeks and during his stay Heiko Müller the co-founder of Riese & Müller will be visiting with his wife and business partner Sandra Wolf. We will most likely have a...