buying advice

  1. Thoracius

    Looking for all-weather, rural-friendly commuter, must ship to Iceland

    Hello. New here and looking for some guidance. I want my energy levels and the weather to no longer influence whether I can be bothered to bike to town (which is 20km/13mi and a couple long steep hills away)! To that end, I'm looking for an e-bike that can get me there and back, rain or shine...
  2. zeldaharvestmoon

    Buying Opinion Wanted: Voltbike Trio

    I am a 5"5' Canadian looking to purchase an E-Trike , as I have low vision and troubles with balancing a standard bike and am looking for buying advice and opinions. Ideally I am looking for something that will allow me to independently travel, run errands like shopping, and get exercise. As...
  3. M

    Seeking 2nd opinions before my first ebike purchase (Biktrix Ultra 1000)

    Hey y'all. I'm looking to spend my stimulus money on something fun. I've been researching bikes for a couple of weeks and am almost ready to pull the trigger but would love some second opinions. Particularly because I'm unable to test drive anything with stores in my area either closed or open...
  4. White Beard

    Looking for a fast ebike primarily for commuting and possibly some trail riding

    I am an avid mountain biker. I typically start my day just about every day with a one hour ride at dawn on the single track with my friends. My main current rides are a carbon full suspension 29er and a Borealis carbon fat bike. I have never before had an ebike and I don't know much about...
  5. Jamfan

    Felt versa e30 s

    Thinking of buying a felt versa e30 looking for any info or opinions ... Has anybody tried one ?
  6. eagamer80

    Some thoughts on buying a new battery for the Turbo

    Hello guys, I have been thinking about buying an extra Turbo 691wh battery for my Turbo FLR bike. I have some questions that I'd like to clear out considering the experience of some members here: - Do you think is worthy? or is better to save the money and spend it on a new bike in the future...
  7. AlexD

    First EBike - Felt or Optibike or Something Else?

    First, thanks for such a helpful forum. I'm looking for an ebike with the following requirements: A daily 10 mile commute each way. Main reason I'm looking for an ebike over a regular bike is that the commute starts with a long, steep hill - rises in elevation a bit over 400 feet over a little...