1. T

    Rize RX, battery charging

    I have searched the Forum but don't see this issue addressed, which means its probably a non-issue. The Manual states "Remove the charger from the battery within one hour after it has been completely charged. The charger will automatically stop charging when the battery is full, however...
  2. H

    Fixing up 2004 Electric Bike - Charger!

    Hello all, after telling my boss i was interested in buying an electric bike to commute to work, he told me he actually had a very old model and would bring it into the office. It is from 2004 and he said he got it new, but never fully assembled it. I believe it was kept in an unfinished...
  3. S

    For Sale: Riese Müller Charger

    Sold - thanks!
  4. C

    Riide Charger

    I have the first release of the Riide ebike. I was Not able to take it with me when I moved and I haven’t been able to get a response from the company. It is 36 V with 3 prongs (I don’t know what that means). Any ideas how to get one or know if I can buy one that will work? thanks, Jana
  5. Nolifebike

    Looking for charger 36V

    Hi! I have lost my charger for my electric bike. I have contacted the company where o purchased the bike but without any luck. So now I'm looking for a replacement but I can not figure out what type of socket i have on my battery. Does anyone know what type of socket it might be? Thanks in advance
  6. N

    Charging a Bosch Powerpack 500 Battery, 3D printed connectors

    I was looking for a way to charge my Bosch Powerpack 500 in my car. I was able to design/3D print the Bosch connector. I figured out how to put the battery in charge mode ( ). Once I figured that out, I created a Grin Cycle Satiator charger cable ( ). From my tests, I can charge at 6.5A. 7A is...
  7. T

    [Request for advice] Looking for an appropriate charger

    I recently got a used Jetson e-bike for free, and the owner says it works and I just need to charge the battery. However, the charger itself is missing. I need to find and buy and appropriate charger to charge it at home off the home-grid (I live in New York, US if that matters), but I'm a...
  8. Urbanmtndew1

    Question about the Izip E3 Vibe+

    This weekend I have purchased an used 2016 Izip E3 Vibe+. It has some wear from the looks of a pannier. Over all looks to be in good condition. But when I went to pick it up there wasn't a key to "unlock" the battery pack. Due to my living situation I do not have an inside storage area where i...
  9. C

    SOLD: 48V 17.5Ah New Ebike Marketplace Shark 2 Battery and Charger for Sale - $400

    Brand new battery and charger. Bought with the intention of getting an older ebike working but decided to get an all new ebike instead. Battery retails for $580 at ebike marketplace and the charger retails for $50. Asking $400. Prefer local sale but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. Battery...
  10. T

    Hello and connector question

    Hi Everybody, This is Max, from Holland. I have bought a second hand battery recently, got a nice deal, because it came without charger, thinking I could buy a correct charger for it later...However, the connector on this battery turns out to be rather NON standard, or maybe its me, but i...
  11. Mateo's Dad

    For Sale - Lectric XP LG batteries & 2A charger

    Update (04/27/2020): Everything is sold! Hi all, I'm selling my two original Lectric XP LG 48V 10.4Ah ebike batteries and a Lectric XP 2A charger! I purchased these new directly from Lectric and received them in late October 2019 with my XP shipment. Both switch keys are included with each...
  12. Susie.C

    Reliable ebike battery provider!

    Hello firiends, I'm Susie from Shanghai China. I get to know this webside from my battery customers who recommended batteries for me here. We are a battery packing company with over 10-year experiences, we can make a lot of ebike batteries. These types of batteries are our most popular and...
  13. Ravi Kempaiah

    E-Bike Battery Guide

    This thread is dedicated for helping new E-bike owners to understand and maintain their batteries in the best possible way. There is a lot of confusion for any new E-bike owner as to how one should treat their batteries: Shop owners may say one thing, online resources may another thing, someone...
  14. C

    Juiced no longer supporting the ODK U500?

    Although I love this bike, I'm starting to worry a bit. 1. Most useful replacement parts, which break over time, are hard/impossible to find. 2. I've been trying to get standard charger for over a year, with no luck. They keep telling me to "Try back in 2 weeks" and that they get them in stock...
  15. D1G1T4L3CH0

    Help Identify This E-Bike Please

    Hey, new here, well not really. I've been a long time visitor of EBR but I'm new to the forums. Anyway I just got a bike from someone and it's not running at the moment. The battery seems to have a very small charge on it enough to make the horn sound very low. But nothing else works. It...
  16. Alex_Solar_Powered_Charger

    Solar Powered Ebike Charging Station - Battery Types and Charger Types

    Hi Everyone, I will try to make a long story short. Im doing a masters in renewable energy technologies and my project is to design and build a solar powered ebike charging station. It will have its own onsite storage etc and be able to charge around 3 bikes at a time. This is a first prototype...
  17. Chris Nolte

    Riese & Müller 2018 Updates from Interbike

    Court and I had a visit with the Riese & Müller team at Interbike and Court made a video. Check it out below: Here is Court’s Synopsis for reference: For 2018, Riese & Müller is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary by launching a “top of the line” Deluxe Signature model. It’s built around their...
  18. Andy_in_CA

    CCS battery charger compatibility?

    Does anyone know if this battery charger (or other ones) are compatible with the CCS stock battery (12.8 volt)? looking for a second charger to keep at work. Thanks in advanced. Andy
  19. Tbone

    2000km review of Charger GX Touring

    Here's the full review: Here's the short version: My R&M GX is holding up without flaw. Approaching need of new rear tire. Absolutely love the Brooks B17 saddle. Never even had to fill tires with...
  20. rmachin

    Upgraded battery charger?

    Anyone think it worth upgrading to a smart(er) charger that can charge slower/within set limits? Worth it for battery longevity? Perhaps the included charger is smart enough..