1. Petropoliskhan

    Can anyone tell me what brand/model this beauty is

    Hi,Can anyone tell me what brand/model this beauty is Thanks
  2. S

    Blix Packa: Fun for the Family and EBR review

    Here is the latest Blix Journal! This summer, finding a new way to run errands, take the kids around, and even get to work, can add fun for the entire family. The Blix Packa compact cargo ebike, is ready to replace the car and help you and your kids spend more time outdoors, adventure...
  3. NorthWestRider

    Commuter from Seattle -2019 Raleigh Redux ie owner here

    Hey all, Glad to be part of this community after lurking for months while determining the route I wanted to go with an ebike. I recently started commuting via bike again but always had to take the bus into work due to no showers at the office (I have lots of big hills in the Redmond/Microsoft...
  4. NorthWestRider

    2019 Raleigh Redux IE Step Over -First 70 miles commuting

    My previous ebike experience: None, other than a dozen test rides of other bikes. Purpose: Commuting. About 17 miles each way, 1.5 miles of which are gravel. A couple very big hills. My first impression is that it looks pretty plain Jane looking which is exactly what I wanted. My second choice...
  5. R

    Thoughts on a Used 2014 iZip E3 Dash?

    Hey All, I am in the market for my first ebike, but have not pulled the trigger yet as I'm a little strapped for cash. In my ideal world, I would replace our family's second vehicle with an ebike, but I am nervous to put down big money on a nicer model before trying one out and making sure it's...
  6. krdugger

    New eBike Brand. Help me with Reviews!

    Hello. I'm the owner of a new electric bike company, I know a lot of people probably think there are already too many and what's the point... I was tired of seeing cheap junk and overpriced corperate brands. I ultimately just want to see more people biking and less people driving...
  7. jaboiy

    Surface 604 Colt? Or something a bit pricier?

    Now that I've graduated college I can finally afford an ebike, and want to make sure I get the right one. Here are my general requirements: 1.5k-3k price range Commuter/Cruiser Bike No swept handlebars Throttle and Pedal Assist Class 2 (commute will be on bike paths, so no class 3)...
  8. Gator

    I got my Quick E +

    Hello Friends Just wanted to report that my bike came in and it has met most of my expectations. The charcoal paint with black lettering and strips is pretty sharp. I have rode it a total of 12.4 miles. (I would ride more but it started to rain pretty hard.) The bike shop charged the...
  9. J

    Experience with the Turbo Vado 3.0

    Hi all, The name is joe if you couldn’t tell from the forum handle. Prior to purchasing my new turbo Vado 3.0 last month I used these forums extensively for research and tested out multiple types and brands of ebikes. Rear hub, Bosch mid drive, trek, giant, specialized and a couple of others...
  10. S

    4 Top Choices for 15 mi. Commute and Weekend Fun

    Hi all, I've been researching and test riding bikes to use for a 15 mi. flat commute and weekend excursions. I'm 6'2" 225 lbs. so prefer large frame and 27.5" or 28" tires + have bad knees. Bigger battery is better for longer range. Looking for upright riding position, throttle, cadence sensing...
  11. M

    Commuter bike for tall/large person

    Hello All! New to the ebike world. Looking for a commuter primarily, occasional weekend use as well. Commute: 2.5 miles or 7 miles. All flat, some lights, nowhere on the commute has a speed limit higher than 35. Me: 6’5 320 pounds. The weight should come down a bit but that’s where it is now...
  12. V

    What type of electric bike motor is good for commuting without sweating.

    Hi, I am looking to buy an e bike and I have some requirements that I think most people will find odd. These are specific to me and since I am new to this world of e-bikes I would like some advice please. Goals: I want to use an e bike for daily commutes -all year round without sweating. (I...
  13. Matthew Losey

    Favourite ebike brands and why

    Recently, I purchased a Stromer ST1X from Quantum eBikes This was my first experience in electric assisted bicycles and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. I'd like to expand my knowledge. What are you favourite brands and why? Though Stromer is mostly used for commuting, anything...
  14. J

    Locking method for ebike commuters

    I'm about to make a purchase of a RadRover. I would like to be able to use it to ride to my park and ride a few miles away where I would lock it an leave it for the workday but I am very concerned about theft or vandalism...even with a secure lock. Is anyone else doing this and what methods and...
  15. R

    Commuter Bike for A Small Woman

    Hi. I'm thinking about getting my first e-bike for commuting to work a few days a week. It seems like the more I research, the less I know. Help! I'm average height (5'7") but weigh practically nothing so I'm concerned that a heavy bike would tip me over at a stop sign or something. So...
  16. M

    E-bike for Seattle

    I am looking for a commuter bike that can get me up some steep hills and around Seattle. Which brands would be best? I don't have a huge budget, but I'm willing to invest. I made this list of what I'm looking for: Can be ridden manually Affordable battery replacement ($300 or preferably less)...
  17. R

    Commuter, bike trail, fire roads and maybe trekking

    I may be looking for a unicorn: an ebike under $2k that prioritizes distance over speed; front shocks; 48v and can support a Clydesdale. Removable lcd and bottle cage is a plus. Don't care about fenders; care about reliability. Last year I purchased a Diamondback Trace ex from REI, but...
  18. A

    6.5 mile commute (including 2 mile dirt trail)

    Hi all, I take the train to work (Amtrak) and I'm getting over taking uber everyday from the train station to work. It's a 6.5 mile ride with about 1.5-2 mile dirt trail. The ride will be mostly flat. I personally like mountain bikes. I am looking for a dual suspension mid-drive mountain...
  19. H

    Looking for First Commuter eBike - But 260 lbs.

    Hi folks, I am looking at getting commuter eBike for going 5-7 miles to work and other around-town things I am 61 and 260 lbs. I have ridden bikes all my live but live in a place with a few too many inclines. What do you recommend for a good quality commuter bike for a heavy person?
  20. A

    Canadian Winter Ready Comfort Commuter - Research Stalemate

    I could really use some help. I am a non driver because driving isn't practical for my income or my mental health but mostly because I work less than 5km from my current home. I have been seriously researching electric bikes because while I like biking to work, arriving sweaty or numb legged...