1. J.R.

    Are You a Cyclist?

    Very thought provoking short video. Are you a cyclist?
  2. DandyD

    Best and Coolest HELMET BRANDS for COMMUTING..?

    Hi EBR fans..., Anyone can give me a tip on the coolest, and most secure HELMETS available, mostly for commuting purposes, and some off-roading..?? Thanks for your thoughts and insights... Best, Louis
  3. GreatLakesWaterman

    ISO 60-622 Commute Tire (for tubeless)

    So far the Schwalbe G One Speed is my first choice. Any recommendations on a similar tubeless tire for commuting? TIA
  4. eBikeaholic

    Start preparing for Daylight Saving Time now!

    If you've been commuting to work or school for over a year then you are already well aware of the profound affect that the daylight saving time changes have on us. In the first week of March we roll the clocks forward on a Sunday night and lose one hour. For most people who don't prepare for...
  5. L

    Which one would you recommend?

    Hey everyone, I’m about to buy my first e-bike and I’m in doubt with these 2 models, which one would you recommend and why? I will be using it in Boston for commuting, about 10miles/day (If you know any other e-bike in the range of USD 2000-3000 that you think is better, please also comment...
  6. E

    Commute Speed

    I'm an avid road rider who's getting into bike commuting. I'm considering getting an e-bike so that I can commute faster and therefore more frequently. What I'm wondering is, realistically, how much time will I save if I'm riding an e-bike? My commute is about 10 miles each way, with about...
  7. R

    Swedish commuter looking for a bike! Moustache / Haibike / R&M

    Hi, Thank you all for making this a great forum! Im looking for advice on what bike to buy. Me: 37 years old in good physical condition. My commute: I have a 11 Km (6,8 Miles) x2 commute with three major hills. I plan on commuting from Mars through October. Bike alternatives: I have...
  8. Miguel A. de Pedro

    Hi from central Spain

    After many years of regular leisure and trekking cycling I reached the point (more precisely the age) where steep up hills started to look definitely unattractive. E-bikes looked like a good alternative. Curt’s fantastic work was just the push to make up my mind and go for one. It’s been only...
  9. L

    need suggestions for ebike for Vermont hills

    I live in Vermont - every way to bike is up or down steep hills. I'm looking for a high quality e-bike for road use, touring, and commuting around town. It needs to go on paved and dirt roads but not rough off-road terrain. I would like the bike to be comfortable; I'm not a racer so no need...
  10. D

    Using a Powerfully 5 for Commuting & Touring & some off-road

    I'm looking for an electric mountain bike that I could use for commuting, touring, and some not-too-technical trail riding. Until now - I've only ridden road bikes. I'm leaning toward a 2018 PF5. I'm thinking the E-bikes designed for commuting might not do as well as PF5 off-road. For...
  11. Zoumios

    New to Ebikes and Looking for Prospects

    Absolutely new to Ebikes, and this website, and with that comes outstanding ignorance. I'm looking for an Ebike that can make it up hills with a bit of ease (so mid-drive?), that doesn't have too many wires and cables, uses a hydraulic brake system, has a rear and/or front racks, doesn't make...
  12. L

    Petite looking for car replacement

    I am a petite ( 5'1") woman currently on a Surly which I love but am interested in buying an ebike for the steep hills in my neighborhood in Los Angeles. My wants: upright position, commuting and touring ( 60+ miles), removable and lockable battery and computer, quiet,comfortable ride with...
  13. TannerPlauche

    Joining the iZip Dash Party

    I am happy to say I have finally joined the e-bike world. I really appreciated people sharing their insights when I was researching bikes, so I am going to write my thoughts here on the ebikereview forum. I am a big guy, 6'3'', 305 lbs. Though I don't look like it, I love biking and spend a...
  14. Over50

    New member and e-bike shopper

    Howdy to everyone. I've made extensive use of this site and its videos so high-time I joined up. I have a couple of human powered city bikes and I'm in the market for an e-bike. I'm a casual biker with limited mechanical skills and I want to make an attempt at commuting to work perhaps a couple...
  15. J.R.

    34% of Brits would choose an ebike rather than public transport...

    BikeBiz May 6, 2016 One on three Brits would consider an e-bike over public transport. Following a survey by cycling brand Shimano in collaboration with OnePoll - 34% of Brits would choose an electric bike rather than public transport for their daily commute. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)...
  16. kermit_xc

    Panniers for commuting

    I am wondering what you experience with different panniers is - I started riding with my trusted ortlieb back rollers while extremely capable in terms of load and water resistance - I always wished for a proper office / commuter bag. Picked up a bontrager town briefcase yesterday and after...
  17. kermit_xc

    $4000 drying rack

    First week to break 100 miles. It's been great so far ... ended up getting a 2nd charger for work
  18. J.R.

    A Fall Fling With a ST2, 'Big White'

    A newbie's take on ebike commuting! More a lifestyle piece than serious journalism, nevertheless a good read. "Can a $7,000 E-Bike Replace Your Car? We Spent 30 Days Riding One to Find Out."
  19. JayVee

    Poll: How good is your city’s cycling infrastructure?

    For Geneva, where I commute, I voted “it’s pretty good”. Over the past 10 years Geneva has constantly been upgrading its road infrastructure to take cyclists into account, so I give the city a lot of credit for effort, even if everything is far from perfect. I would have gladly taken you guys...