1. G

    Where can I find a 48V Juiced bike controller?

    Hi, I just received a standard Juiced bike from a friend who got a new bike. He said the controller doesn't work. I contacted Juiced and they don't make the 48V controller anymore so they can't send me one. They only make the 52V controller. Does anyone have an idea how I can get one from Juiced...
  2. M

    Making a new pedal assist system for ebike

    Hi everyone, I’m developing my new BLDC controller for Ebike and I want to share with you some of my progress, I have been working on the pedal assist system based on the cadence sensor and I tried to improve it and make a new Pedal assist system. This new system will scale well to your input...
  3. mscir

    I need a 36V controller, throttle and battery charge display... suggestions?

    My neighbor bought an electric trike that quickly developed problems, the wiring was bad with bare wires shorting and sparking. I fixed that the bike ran sometimes but not others, it turns out the switch on the controller has a low and probably insufficient watt rating and it stopped working...
  4. Jpgvmm

    NCM Moscow Plus 29

    I recently bought this new bike on Amazon and It worked fine for a month, even though since the beginning I noticed weird things. Being the first electric bike I ride, I thought they were normal or part of the technology, things like accelerating and suddenly loosing acceleration to came back...
  5. Ritchiec87

    Advanced settings on controller

    So I accidentally went into the P & C settings and might have changed some of the values. Can somone cycle through the values for me to give me the default numbers so that I can revert back to the original P & C values. Would appreciate it alot! I emailed qualisports about it and they keep...
  6. SLONomad

    Mystery solved

    I have been tweaking/riding/tweaking the AM100 for several weeks now and was always mystified by its underwhelming performance on hills and its inability to attain the advertised 28 mph speed. Today I realized what might be the reason. Riding with the screen set to display the amp hours being...
  7. R

    My 2004 Electra Rat Fink ebike conversion

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd finally join this forum after seeing the great community helping each other out, apologies as I am a bit of a newbie to ebike world, but am enjoying it so much when it works, it really suits the cruiser style of bike and has been immense fun to ride. I have an Electra...
  8. FullyCharged

    Broken Das-Kit Controller (YouTube Video)

    YOUTUBE LINK Randomly stumbled across this video on YT. Here's what I translated from the video description. OP in comments (translated):
  9. S

    My first e-bike. China "ivelo". Questions of adding throttle.

    Hi! I just got this used "Ivelo" e-bike. It's pedal assisted only, and I'm a bit disappointed as I expected it to have a full electrical mode/throttle.. Now I have opened it up and had a look at the controller to see if there might be a place for a throttle but doesn't seem like it... Is it...
  10. AdrianDK

    Troubleshooting PAS System

    Hello fellow bike fanatics. lets cut to the chase. I have problem with my mother in law's older ebike (2010 ish), she brought it to me because her pas system stoped working suddenly. So I checked the bike over, witch gave me this to work with. 24v Battery - holds a charge, and when connected...
  11. H

    Ancheer power plus mountain bike controller

    I have an Ancheer power plus mountain bike. The controller broke after 2 weeks of use. Original seller can't seem to get me a new one. Does anyone have contact info for Ancheer? Or know of a source for a controller that would work with this bike? I've seen some controllers on ebay for sale, but...
  12. callum

    i really need some help with my custom ebike

    battery i bought worked straight out the box so unplugged it charged then tried to plug it in again and now it does not work when the battery is not plugged into the bike it reads 49v but when its plugged into the bike now it then reads 0.03v unplug it again back to 49v can someone please help...
  13. E

    Magnum 48V premium - Das-Kit C6 display & conroller

    In regard to the das-kit C6 display and controller (of the Magnum 48V premium) and the PAS levels: 1. What is the the effect of these levels setting: speed or Wattage limits? 2. Do they affect the use of the throttle? 3. Do they affect the 6 KpH walk mode?
  14. S

    Motor system, controller, brake and display supplier

    This is Steven from Suzhou Tongsheng Bicycles, China. Specialized in controller, brake, display and motor system-both mid motor and hub motor, with over 20 years, located in Jiangsu province, China. Have two office in Europe, and will have one office in USA in future, provide good service to...
  15. M

    Daymak Beast Bluetooth Controller Upgrade

    I had the fun of upgrading my Daymak Beast Ultimate this summer. While I made a number of changes, the biggest upgrade was the installation of the new Bluetooth Controller that Daymak sells (model #DMK1802LED). The process was complicated by the lack of information on how the controller was to...
  16. D

    Thin w/ Display takes off by itself!

    This has happened more than three times so far: I'm off the bike and holding the bars and it suddenly goes full throttle! The first time it happened I just assumed I accidentally hit the throttle, but when it happened again I realized it was doing it on its own. I'm getting used to always...
  17. 1000W48V

    Ned help with 48v 1000w bike

    This is my problem........ Everything was working great......parked the bike outside for a couple of weeks, brought it in to charge. However, after having been charged, I took it out for a spin and almost immediately the motor cut power.......only to be restored several seconds later.....which...
  18. EbikeFan

    Help me ID a motor controller

    Hi there. Does somebody recongnize the brand and model of this controller? See photo attached Thanks!!
  19. bikerjohn

    The Battery or is it the Controller?

    With more than 5200 miles in 304+ hours of use, and about 300 recharge cycles, My EG Zurich has performed flawlessly until lately. Now it seems to markedly lose power and sometimes shuts down when pedaling in headwinds and up mild grades. During higher power demand times the handlebar console...
  20. c_nick

    At the Beach....Trouble

    On my first day of vacation in NC Outer Banks, I got caught by a the rements of a wave washing up while riding along the brim. All seemed okay till an hour later after the bike sat a little. I now get a code #30 on the display and the word maintain. The power/PAS Level/controller shuts down...