conversion ebike kits

  1. SillyBiker

    Good quality eBike conversion kits in the UK

    I’m attempting to do my first eBike build. I’m using a Broadman hybrid bike (Can’t remember the exact model) as my donor bike, however I’m struddling to find a decent eBike conversion kit, or the separate parts. My local eBike shop recommended a mid-drive motor, and said the Bosch motors are...
  2. B

    Need help with Ebike rear hub motor

    My rear hub motor is spinning my axle and making my rear wheel come off the bike , please help
  3. Joe

    BBS01B Motor unit for sale, $155

    If anyone is looking at a cheap way to get into a conversion or wants some BBS parts here it is. New. Includes installed 250w controller. We can include the stock chain ring, guard, cranks and main wire harness. Display, throttle and e-levers not included. $155 plus shipping
  4. Zvikaz

    A 3 year old converion kit

    Most of you may know know it, but in Israelthe power limitation of a motor on an electric bike is 250 W ! Sounds like the government is stricting it to be a game for children ... In most cases its true - the averave age buying and electric bike in israel is 15, which is sad. It causes alot of...

    the funny fly bicycle