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    Juiced CrossCurrent S initial review

    Received mine (standard battery, Schwalbe tire upgrade). These are my first impressions. Building the bike Putting it together was relatively easy using the videos on the juiced site. It's a heavy bike so having someone help while you put on the front tire is nice. Anyone who is comfortable...
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    My first ebike...refurbished crossedcurrent

    Ive been riding a fairly cheap Fuji hybrid for about 10 years and finally added a juiced crosscurrent For commuting and leisure. Price: 9/10. I paid a little over 1200 directly from juiced for their refurbished 10.4 ah L black using a recent promo code Assembly: 9/10. very easy. I'm not...
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    Testing a stock Juiced Cross Current on a Strava Course

    For those who want to get an idea of how the Juiced Cross Current performs on a 23 mile documented Strava road course in southern New Jersey with hills that have grades of 23%, please check out Jim Richardson's Google Plus Blog Postings Here:
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    Crosscurrent Owner Reviews

    I started this thread to collect people's experiences with their Crosscurrents. I bought a Juiced Crosscurrent due to a lucky accident. I’d been considering a Magnum U5 electric bike but after riding it I was disappointed with the quality of the brakes, which were standard, cable-operated...