1. besebike

    BES: The Joy model

    Make your daily commute more enjoyable with the Joy! This e-bike is extra-comfortable and stylish, making it a great for just about anyone. Whether it’s for pleasure rides or commuting, this electric bike is a reliable choice! As for this bike’s details ⬇️ Frame: Chromoly Motor: Brushless...
  2. sedohr

    Can not recommend Himiway due to post-sale support and service

    I had two issues with my purchase of the Himiway Cruiser. 1. I was charged an International bank fee (Bank of America’s) of $40.47.I was unhappy that the website did not inform me that the bank transaction was handled by an off-shore bank and I might be charged a fee. Grace in service was quick...
  3. B

    Pedego Boomerang diagnosis

    To whom it may concern, I recently inherited a ebike from my late uncle. My knowledge of these fine machines is lacking to say the least. I was hoping to get a diagnosis as to why this ebike isn’t functional. I would love to get this fine machine back on the road if anyone could please provide...
  4. F

    Faraday Porteur S - NYC

    I'm moving away, which means I don't need this bike anymore. I found it perfect for NYC streets because it blends in better than most e-bikes, in case I was locking it up outside. My deadline to move is approaching, I'd love to sell this within the next week. I'm asking $1200 (less than half of...
  5. roshan

    New 2018 Stunners

    Check out the brand new Stunners! 7sp IGH, 750W motor, the whole deal!
  6. Z

    Step-through with rear rack carrier

    Hi, I visited a few local stores and couldn't find a bike that could satisfy these criteria, so I'm hoping for a few more ideas. This is for light weekend use, so range isn't super important. 1. Replaceable rear rack to accommodate rear rack child carrier (alternatively, anyone know of a...
  7. B

    Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte NuVinci HS

    I just got my Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte HS (large frame) a couple of weeks ago. With 70 miles on the odometer, I am very happy with this bike so far. Since there are so few reviews on this bike, I am posting some of my early impressions. I will throw in some comparisons to my wife’s IZIP...
  8. T

    XL, tall, middle-aged woman seeks suitable step-thru e-bike ;-)

    What a great site and forums! I've asked Court to review the Electra Loft Go! with step-through frame. Wanting to get into some semblance of shape again after too many years at a desk job, I would like to find an electric bicycle to be gentle on my knees when needed on starts and hills...
  9. Christopher

    Enough Said...

  10. Christopher

    How come the 2015 Pedego Interceptor (48V/10Ah) costs $645.00 > the 2016 Aerial Rider (48V/11.6Ah)?

    Happy Spring EBR Community, :) How come the 2015 Pedego Interceptor (48V/10Ah) costs $645.00 dollars more than the 2016 Aerial Rider (48V/11.6Ah)? Nearly a 30% increase in price? I was comparing the specifications between the two e-bikes and I can't seem to figure out why last year's 2015...
  11. Tara D.

    An elegant cruiser with minimal controls

    Electra Townie Go Review Comfortable, simple to use and affordable cruiser style electric bike built on the proven Electra Townie platform The SRAM EMATIC system has no computer to mess with, no extra cables or settings to choose, just an on/off button Full review here.