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  1. FullyCharged

    How I bypassed the speed restriction on my NCM 500W/48V Moscow Plus 29er.

    The first thing that came to my mind after my first ride on my 48V/500W NCM Moscow Plus was "How can I make this bike faster?" Throttle was maxed at 20mph(32km/hr) and the Petal Assist top speed was limited to 23mph.(37km/h) I knew the motor was capable of much more to stay within the specs of...
  2. FullyCharged

    Access Settings Menu - NCM 500W/48V Moscow Plus/C7 Display (Stock)

    https://youtu.be/i_jvTfE8sQM YOUTUBE LINK 1. Turn on Display 2. Press and Hold + and - keys for 5 seconds 3. Enter 8018 as 4 digit code. Press set to enter each digit. 4. Use + and - to nav through options. Use set button to enter. 5. Press and hold set to exit with settings saved. Menu...