1. StemSlamBackPills

    2017 Dash - Pedals spin but don’t engage crank

    I’ve moved on from iZip but I do have this Dash, a replacement for a 2016 Dash I bought that I went through two motor replacements with and was told that the motors that year were essentially faulty because the torque sensing was not adequately integrated. Anyways, I love going 28 mph...
  2. topcatken

    2013 and 2014 Izip Dash brakes

    I rode both Dash bikes for 2000 miles each. The brakes were constantly needing adjustment, and noisy. Finally I replaced the stock Shimano brakes with Sram BB7s. No problems, no noise. Very pleased with the result.
  3. TannerPlauche

    Joining the iZip Dash Party

    I am happy to say I have finally joined the e-bike world. I really appreciated people sharing their insights when I was researching bikes, so I am going to write my thoughts here on the ebikereview forum. I am a big guy, 6'3'', 305 lbs. Though I don't look like it, I love biking and spend a...
  4. topcatken


    Just got past 2000 miles on my 2015 Dash. This is 4,000 miles of ebike in 14 months. I sold my 2014 Dash with 2ooo and my 2015 hit 2000 plus today. Only problems are always related to disc brakes.
  5. J

    Looking for my first Ebike

    Hello, my name is Jeff and I looking for my first Ebike. I have been trying to research them as much as possible in the past 6 months or so using this website. I have to say that all of Courts reviews have been awesome! After all my research, I think I am ready to buy one in the next couple of...
  6. M

    Dash getting center drive?

    One reseller I got in touch with here in the Bay Area told me that he didn't have any Dash on display because "The Dash will be changed to center drive in a few months". Has anybody heard about that? Anybody able to try a beta version? Thanks